2006 saturn vue for sale by owner

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Used Saturn Vue for Sale 4. Overall Rating. Track Price Check Availability. By Rating. Overall 4. My wife and I were searching for a new car, as we were expecting twins and we both were driving compact cars. We knew we would need an SUV, and we were hoping for something that got great mileage. We found that plus more in the Saturn Vue. We are able to go on trips and fit our double stroller easily in the back. We are also able to go to wholesale stores and load up on boxes of diapers. In addition, the room in the backseat is great, and we are able to comfortable fit in two rear facing car seats.

It is a comfortable ride, and is able to handle both city driving and country road driving easily. We also got a decent amount of amenities for the price we paid! The car does have some drawbacks. It is not able to handle drivi I purchased the Saturn Vue Hybrid primarily for its gas mileage. It is not able to handle driving in deep over inches of snow, and can get stuck sometimes. We live in farm country in Ohio, and the snow drifts and can pile.

I also don't feel that it would be an SUV that would be up for hauling items via a trailer. However, as we didn't purchase it for a hauling vehicle, that is not a problem for us. Great gas mileage. Lots of room in the backseat and trunk. Nice amenities at a reasonable price. Long Lasting! Overall 5. Great vehicle!

Has given me no major problems in all the years I have had it. Have driven it across the US and has never broken down. Just wish I would have gotten the V6 instead of the V4. Even driving in the snow and on Ice it has held up and even kept my family and I safe during an accident. Was able to go to a drive in movie and lift the back door and lay down to watch the movie. Very safe and reliable. Lots of leg room and room in the back for hauling stuff. I have used this vehicle to move several times and never had any problems. Not the best at pick up when accelerated but that is why I would suggest a V6.

With the car being eleven years old, I knew it was bound to have it's fair share of problems. Since owning it, it has done nothing but be a perfect car. The engine runs flawlessly; it does not sputter and it is quiet. 2006 saturn vue for sale by owner power windows run to perfection and I like that the controls for the windows are on the center console so they are easily accessible from all seats.

The sunroof is a freeing experience. Most cars do not get anywhere near the gas mileage they are advertised at but my Saturn is averaging 24 mpg city and 28 mpg highway so it is right on point. 2006 saturn vue for sale by owner cons are few and far between. My main complaint would be that when driving on the highway, the car drives very loudly. I thought this might just be a problem wi I purchased a Saturn VUE a couple of months ago here in I thought this might just be a problem with the tires so I bought new tires but the sound is still there just as bad as ever.

My other complaint would be that the first gear likes to rattle. I have had the transmission and gears checked out by two mechanics and they say that everything looks fine, it is just the way that the car is built, but whenever I am in first gear the front left side of my car rattles.

I took my dog to the dog park and the back seats folded down so easily. The dog park is 7 acres and half of that is a giant pond in the middle of the park so my dog was covered in mud by the time we got done. I simply put a blanket over the trunk space and the folded down back seat and put the back windows down and my dog and I had a fun ride home. Used Cars for Sale. Used Saturn Vue Base for Sale.

2006 saturn vue for sale by owner

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