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Your is not active. We have sent an to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your. People tend to daydream about the same things. About how awesome it would be to have magical powers. And about how much better our lives would be if we could send our past selves some darn good advice. Upvote the tips you found useful and share your own advice in the comments! Scroll down for our triple interview!

This post may include affiliate links. Agree with this so much! I'm not in the US, my unit started recruiting for a second in my role. My line manager had no idea what I actually do and how I hold the team together. He assumed I was a low admin position. Speak up, be visible. Strange, I've never had that feeling in any of my jobs. But Advice for young ladies, I live in "socialist" Norway According to Nelson, she created the thread because she thinks it provides an opportunity for women to share advice with each other: "There is so much power in women sharing their stories with one another.

We need more opportunity to do this. To take the advice we hear from one another, use our voices, and make ourselves be heard at work —and beyond. EmIpsaLoquitur Report. MegStEsprit Report. Yes, I've read that a couple of times. Men will generally apply even to positions that they don't qualify for, women almost never. And the idea of doing this differently makes me feel very uneasy but it is a great point to try to overcome this. GennHutchison Report. If loyalty isn't a twoway street, then get the fell out of there. According to Hewlett, "one of the biggest lessons to learn as a working woman and for me, a working mother is that taking care of yourself and protecting your mental and physical wellbeing is as critical to your success in work as it is in how you feel on a day to day basis.

Identifying ways to invest in yourself and your future lets you create building blocks for the experiences you want to have—small but intentional steps today have a compounding effect that pay off in the long run—which we see in careers, relationships, investing k, etcand our well being. Hewlett pointed out that there are plenty of challenges for working women in At the end of the day, we are our own greatest champions and our own greatest saboteurs.

What could have been, will never be. Focus on how you can move forward and take action that aligns with where you want to go. Hewlett continued: "As Samuel Beckett said, 'Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. When you can do or be better, acknowledge that and act accordingly. TeeGarvin Report. ElleLBee Report. Also, it's okay if you don't like someone too. Sometimes people need to learn some boundaries. Meanwhile, Stack elaborated about her own point of view. Of course, on the one hand, it can be a compliment. But more often, the fact of my age was used against me by colleagues, competing journalists from other organizations, and even sources, at times.

People who tried to push me aside or bully me off a story would imply that this was appropriate because I was younger and therefore didn't really know what I was doing. And because I was indeed young! I took all of this very hard.

I couldn't wait to turn I imagined that once I was 30 I would never hear about my age again. This is reality. These are social-professional dynamics that women have to face. It's not fair, but the truth is, youth in a woman is seen as evidence of incompetence whereas when young men show up, they are often regarded as prodigies.

And at the other end, older men are seen as wise and experienced, whereas older women are treated as if they have little to contribute. It's infuriating. Stack said that, in her opinion, women of any age ought to push through all of that. Instead of letting it get in your head, instead of letting other people's perceptions define you, it's important to stay strong and perform well and force those perceptions to change.

So I wish I could tell my younger self—don't sweat it. This is going to go on your whole life. Instead of thinking that, if you can just hang on, it will go away—work on getting better at ignoring it. MsYoungProfess Report. RachelRCarlson Report. The timing is never right, but it will all sort itself out, I promise!! I mean. It's never a perfect time. Have them when you want to!!! Women are more likely to be single parents.

What a statement that makes! It's not really my style! I feel very lucky because despite many false starts and ups and downs, I've wound up with a beautiful family and work that I'm proud of. That's not to say I'm satisfied—I'm not. I think my best work is still in front of me. If your career isn't exactly what you want early in life, you can turn it around later.

Likewise, if you haven't found happiness in your family or personal life so far, that doesn't mean you won't. I look back at my friends in high school—when we were teenagers, a friend got pregnant and had the baby, living with her parents. Another friend got arrested for drug dealing and she went to prison for a few years. At the time, we all thought—oh, their lives are ruined. It's all over for them. But you know what, they're both fine now. They both have college educations and families; one of them has a PhD. The writer continued. Nobody should regard their current situation as permanent.

Maybe I have this view to excess because there is some part of my brain that still thinks—oh, one day I'll get around to becoming a lawyer, one day I'll be a professor, one day I'll be a park ranger. I know that I'll run out of time at some point. I feel like I will never retire. It's really impossible for me to imagine wanting to do that. Megankstack Report. Just smile knowingly to those who bring up your age, and be your magnificent, brilliant self. Then walk away. That whole Advice for young ladies outdated trope about do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life is the worst advice.

Find a job that you enjoy. If the job that you enjoy is doing something you love, you've Advice for young ladies the lottery.

Advice for young ladies

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