Afternoon play for the bored housewife

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A tale of inequality, broken dreams and quiet desperation behind a picture-perfect facade' Guardian 'A clever and absorbing debut by Inga Vesper, who bricks Joyce up in her perfect house, then smashes it to pieces with aplomb' The Times A stunning s set debut mystery brimming with atmosphere and perfect for fans of Tangerine, Small Pleasures and Mad Men. It's the summer ofand the well-trimmed lawns of Sunnylakes, California, wilt under the sun.

At some point during the long, long afternoon, Joyce Haney, wife, mother, vanishes from her home, leaving behind two terrified children and a bloodstain on the kitchen floor. While the Haney's neighbours get busy organising search parties, it is Ruby Wright, the family's 'help', who may hold the key to this unsettling mystery. Ruby knows more about the secrets behind Sunnylakes' starched curtains than anyone, and it isn't long before the detective in charge of the case wants her help.

But what might it cost her to get involved? In these long hot summer afternoons, simmering with lies, mistrust and prejudice, it could only take one spark for this whole 'perfect' world to set alight. A beguiling, deeply atmospheric debut novel from the cracked heart of the American Dream, The Long, Long Afternoon is at once a -turning mystery and an intoxicating vision of the ways in which women everywhere are diminished, silenced and ultimately under-estimated.

This vivid and atmospheric turner will keep readers guessing all the way to its satisfying finale' Sunday Express 'Beautifully crafted, claustrophobic and compelling.

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What a pleasure to read something fresh and original. Recenzja A beguiling and evocative debut novel which exposes the sexism and racism lurking beneath the smooth surface of the American Dream in the s. This vivid and atmospheric turner will keep readers guessing all the way to its satisfying finale. It's a powerful novel that shows how far we've come and how far we still need to go in ending discrimination. Beyond the fabulously kitsch technicolour setting of the gleaming lawns, roide motels, and purring silver Pontiacs, Inga Vesper has captured the flavour of the casual sexism and racism of the times with a perfectly-judged touch.

It's no surprise to hear this was fought over by publishers at auction. For once the hype is justified and Inga Vesper's gripping turner must surely now be bound for Netflix. The racism is as systemic as the sexism: when Joyce Afternoon play for the bored housewife vanishes, leaving behind two young children and a bloodstained kitchen, the police promptly arrest her black maid, Ruby.

Along with Detective Mick Blanke, recently arrived from New York and tasked with working out what happened, the two women take it in turns to narrate this tale of inequality, broken dreams and quiet desperation behind a picture-perfect facade. A homage to hard-boiled American crime fiction, but told with a distinctive female sensibility. It's breathtakingly stylish, hypnotic and masterfully gripping.

Inga paints the most beautiful portrait of 50s suburbia, yet each scratches away at the sunny gloss to reveal the darkness beneath. With a few notable exceptions the classic hardboiled era was the province of white male authors; here Inga Vesper looks askance at the conventions, and reconfigures the template with a timely and refreshing debut. Shimmering Santa Monica skies, technicolor fifties suburbia hiding the darkest of secrets.

All set against a backdrop of stifling racial tension. If there isn't a film in the pipeline I'd be shocked! California,a nation divided. I loved everything about it - characters, setting, twists and turns.

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Although it appears to be about one thing - a woman vanishes - it actually sits at the intersection of so many tensions. Women and men, white and Black, wealthy and poor, in-crowd and outsiders, mothers and childless women, the content and the wretched: Joyce Haney is the place where all of these divisions meet.

A fine debut. I loved the setting and the way Inga gradually reveals the human struggles at the heart of the burgeoning civil rights and women's rights movements. Not just a beguiling murder mystery but also has important things to say about race, gender and class.

Loved it! Set against a backdrop of increasing racial tension and the rise of the Women's Movement, a personal story of female friendship and tragedy unfolds.

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I loved everyevocative of a time in relative recent history and yet a world away. Beneath the Laminex veneer of Fifties suburbia, The Long, Long Afternoon shows a sordid and soulless wasteland of deception and broken promises. Vesper has created a -turning tale with memorable flawed characters and a plot that keeps you guessing until the end. Inga Vesper is a journalist and editor. She moved to the UK from Germany to work as a carer, before the urge to write and explore brought her to journalism. As a reporter, she covered the coroner's court and was able to observe how family, neighbours and police react to a suspicious death.

Inga has worked in Syria and Tanzania, but now lives in Glasgow, because there's no better way to find a good story than eavesdropping on the chatter in a Scottish cafe on a rainy day. Opinie o produkcie. Najlepsze o produkcie Najnowsze opinie o produkcie Najlepsze o produkcie. Najlepsze opinie o produkcie z Polski. Najlepsze opinie o produkcie.

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Zweryfikowany zakup. I had high expectations for this book. I read the first few s and was hooked. Unfortunately, that did not last long. I loved that it was set in in California so expected a gripping drama set against all the upheaval within society at that time. My favourite character was Ruby for her determination and willingness to find the truth. The other characters just did not ring true for me.

The detective and the police did not seem to do any detecting and only moved forward with the case when Ruby brought them information. The simplest things seemed to escape them. Not taping off the crime scene. I understand the new detective was not entirely welcome at the station but the exaggerated hostility from the chief was comical! Some of the reviews describe this book as 'a cosy Sunday afternoon read'. This book is not cosy at all. Some pretty horrific things happen in the story. Serious issues are raised; violence towards women and children, racism, depression, poverty, adultery but the characters are not real enough to carry these issues.

Most of the other women in the story are painted in such a bad light. They are labelled as dragons and vampires. They gossip about and betray their friends at the drop of a hat and adultery seems to be the easiest Afternoon play for the bored housewife in the world. Even the women who do not fall into these are insulted in some way by the author. She criticises their hair, makeup and the shoes they wear. There is one caring friend who genuinely wants to help but we seem to get more information about her car than the woman herself.

The idea for the main character seems to be that she is a bored housewife who would love to be an artist but cannot because she has a controlling husband, She takes pills to combat her frustration. Then we are told she suffered a traumatic event in her childhood and this is never mentioned again. Surely this is the basis of her suffering. The neighbour was completely unconvincing. What are the chances that a person with her back story would live just next door?

The Afternoon play for the bored housewife do not seem to fully investigate alibies which le to an ending where the offenders are allowed to have long conversations and attempt escape while the police stand idly by without a hand cuff in sight! I enjoyed reading this whodunnit set in in California. It is packed with racial tension, which is portrayed through Ruby who is the domestic help of the white family where a crime had taken place.

The descriptions are very colourful and vivid in this book. The beautiful bright kitchen where the sun shines through the window is clear in my mind. Then there is the bloodstain which stands out. Although is it mainly a crime mystery novelrace and gender are important themes throughout. The role of the woman and how in this middle class neighbourhood is expected to stay at home looking after her husband and children features very prominently.

I enjoyed the pace of the novel and enjoyed how it all unfolded. My favourite character is Ruby and her determination to do the right thing even though everything is against her just because of the colour of her skin. A really enjoyable read and well recommended. I wanted very much to love this book as it has attracted a lot of glowing reviews so maybe I expected too much and unfortunately I didn't particularly enjoy. I found the characters quite one dimensional and none of them really came to life.

I wondered at the end whether the possibility was raised for further collaborations in future books between Ruby and Detective Blanke. If that is the case I am sure that there will be many fans who would love more, unfortunately not every book suits every reader and this one just wasn't for me. It is indeed a sunny place the temperatures in the summer, when the story takes place, are high and the weather humid and cloying but the people behind their twitching curtains are less so.

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The women are largely on mood medication to help them cope with their days. Look behind the scenes and the machinations, nastiness and gossip lie just below the surface. The marriages are glossy on the outside but just a little deeper and the cracks are there for all who choose to look. Ruby Wright is a young black woman who travels from her home in South Central to clean for various members of the community, and she is particularly fond of Joyce Haney, as they have, to some extent, shared their individual backstories and have developed a bit of a bond.

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Joyce has seemingly disappeared and Ruby is first on the scene, where, in the simmering heat, she finds a pool of blood gently coagulating on the floor of the kitchen, together with Joyce's two rather terrified children. Mick, the detective in charge, has a good nose for an honest person and soon draws Ruby in as a kind of confidante. The author really brings the era of melamine and formica society to light, set against the powerful backdrop of racial tensions of the era.

Afternoon play for the bored housewife

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