Am i top or bottom test

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Do you feel yourself craving more power? Do you tend to dominate others? Do you lose your temper sometimes? Are you ambitious about achieving high status in life? Getting too much obsessed with power can be destructive. However, lacking the ability to influence people can leave us unnoticed. It might make us vulnerable. But before you take up the 'are you a top or bottom quiz,' you need to know and understand the various traits associated with being top and submissive.

Below given is a list of questions that will help you know yourself better. A top person is someone decisive and direct. They display great leadership and management skills. Also, they are usually confident in themselves and more of risk-takers.

Top people usually consider the bigger picture. More than being in the present, they tend to work towards the future. They are top-notch organizers who can lead an entire organization forward. They emphasize getting evident. Top people usually tend to challenge prevailing conditions and think innovatively. Top people tend to overrule others. They sometimes fail to remain within their boundaries as they prefer to be the sole controller.

Usually, they are argumentative. They dislike repeating things. Top people who possess great leadership qualities are also punctual. They might attempt to do a lot of things, expecting to get quick. Do you get motivated by new challenges? If yes, you might have a top trait within yourself.

You have the hunger to explore the unexplored. You set your goals and strive hard to achieve them. Top people love when they are praised. They appreciate getting verbal praises. They love to take risks expecting to get big rewards.

They refuse to be limited to a routine and mundane life. Since they are mostly workaholics, top people usually love to be occupied. They love to be surrounded by like-minded people who dream big. They enjoy being in charge of responsibilities and can carry orders well. They demand to be free to make their own choices.

Do you crave freedom? If yes, you display top traits. Top people gravitate towards personal freedom, authority, and advancement opportunities. They crave recognition and importance. They feel good when they accomplish goals and solve problems for others. Usually, top people tend always to talk and not listen to others.

If you are one of that kind, you must try listening to others. This is an important area you need to work on. Top people sometimes be rude to others. Watch your tone and body language when you feel frustrated. Consciously control yourself. Wondering if you're a top or bottom person? You must take any online Am i top or bottom test to get your answers. Answer the self-assessment questions as correctly as you can and wait to receive accurate ! Start Quiz. You May Also Like.

Am i top or bottom test

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QUIZ: Are You A Top or Bottom? What Type Are You?