Aquarius woman in a relationship

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Shakira, Natalie Dormer and Jennifer Anniston: a list of powerful women that inspire us all! What only a few people know is that what connects these exceptional women is actually their zodiac ! I have always admired their strength of character, independence, creativity and intellect. Little did I know that these are actually traits of an Aquarian woman. Did you know how creative, sarcastic, independent and adventurous Aquarian women were? There are so many things you can assess about a person solely by their zodiac.

Here are some interesting facts about Aquarian women that will blow your mind. They can help you understand how different people perceive different things, why they feel this way and even get to know the unsaid things that they want you to understand.

People born between January 20 to February 18 are categorised as Aquarians. They are said to be independent, Aquarius woman in a relationship and progressive. These 20 facts about an Aquarius woman can help you understand her in ways nobody else does.

If you want a deeper and more meaningful connection with an Aquarius woman, here are 20 interesting facts that will guide you. If you are with an Aquarian woman, you should consider yourself lucky! Aquarian women are known to love deeply. Their love for you will always be pure and profound. This is because they tend to forge strong and intense emotional bonds with the people they care for and remain loyal to those emotions.

Related Reading: My husband stood by me in sickness and in pain. An Aquarius woman can be either be a quiet introverted or an energetic, talkative extrovert. What remains constant through both personality types of an Aquarius woman is their ability to think deep. It is aquarian nature to analyse situations thoroughly and avoid making rash decisions.

If you are an Aquarius woman, chances are that you are highly creative. Aquarians like to think outside the box. Mundane and dull work does not sit well with an Aquarian woman! They are risk-takers and adventurous people who like to live in the present. If an Aquarius woman had to pick her favourite weapon, it would be sarcasm.

A great sense of humour consisting mostly of elite sarcasm is part of Aquarius nature. Related Reading: I lost my speech and my wife found her humour. Being highly self-sufficient and independentan Aquarius woman hates putting herself in a vulnerable position. They prefer keeping their feelings to themselves and shield themselves by building a wall around their emotions which is hard to break through. However, once you get past that wall, you will find fierce loyalty, love and so much more. Aquarian women are always striving to learn and achieve more and more.

They tend to acquire knowledge from different sources. They never stop learning. For them, knowledge has no boundaries. This is also why they are inclined towards intellectual and well-learned men. They prefer conversations and interactions that have substance to them and do not like to waste their time. Related reading: Your Aquarius woman in a relationship relationship flaws based on your zodiac.

Lying their way out of problems is definitely not their strong suit. Related Reading : How a lying woman broke the heart of a small-town man on Tinder. They like to analyse every situation and weigh the pros and cons. This can be a double-edged sword since it le to overthinking over even the smallest decisions. This often causes undue stress but is part and parcel of the Aquarius nature. Aquarius women have strong personalities as they are independent and free-spirited. They carve their own paths. They love their freedom and space. Being self-sufficient and self-reliant are a few of the reasons behind their strength and self-confidence.

They dislike asking others for help even if they need it. Aquarian women live in the moment. A sense of adventurethrill and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge is what drives them. Their spontaneity is what makes them so unpredictable and exciting at the same time. This makes them the perfect companions for a fun night out. Their friends always have anecdotes to tell about their many adventures!

Related reading: How the Mumbai spirit turned our Monsoon nightmare into an adventure. We all make mistakes but few of us actually learn from them. They are fast learners so they do not make the same mistakes again. They will never put themselves in the same vulnerable position twice. Especially when it comes to relationships and making life-changing decisions. Related reading: The Zodiac s that are most likely to break your heart. They hate to see their friends in emotionally draining situations.

They are patient listeners and will listen to every bit of your story intently and give you valuable advice too. Related reading: Discussion Forum — The art of listening. Aquarius women have a tendency of bottling up their emotions. However, if you know to push the right buttons, you can easily cool them down. Related Reading: crimes of passion: When anger takes over the mind.

Aquarius women look for the best in people and in situations. When things go south, an Aquarius woman will focus on the positives. This also makes them very forgiving individuals. They might often forgive people who not deserve it. They are unique and spontaneous.

This spontaneity makes them do things that are out of the norm and may not be understood by all. They are complex and profound individuals that not everyone has the potential to appreciate. Hence, sometimes, they might be labelled as weird or unusual. Related reading: How you love to be spoiled, according to your zodiac.

Being highly intellectual and innovative, Aquarius women love to dream big. They are not only ardent dreamers but also, have the ability to achieve their seemingly impossible goals. Goals are their driving force and sheer hard work is their road to success. An Aquarius woman loves her man deeply. However, this does not mean she will compromise on her personality or personal space. They love supportive relationships in which they can be themselves and will not stand for restrictions in a relationship. This could make them vulnerable to the expectations of their partner. Related Reading: 12 things you should never compromise on in a relationship.

They are great and loyal lovers but refuse to alter their personalities to the pleasures of their partners. Aquarius women prefer partners who are open-minded and willing to embrace their strong personality. They are confident about their sexuality and seldom care Aquarius woman in a relationship the opinions of society. An Aquarius woman is open to experimenting sexually. They can be innovative lovers who might display their sexuality in unimaginable places and situations. Aquarius women can be spontaneous, weird and sometimes, unpredictable.

But they are also strong-minded and intellectual individuals. Being with them can be like a rollercoaster ride with many highs and lows and unexpected twists and turns. This is what makes dating an Aquarian woman exciting. They expect the best from people and hence, will always push you forward in life.

Aquarius woman in a relationship

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Aquarius woman