Be wise like a serpent

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Wisdom is marked by a deep understanding of an issue and is characterized by exercising or showing sound judgment. For a leader to be wise, he must think, meditate and ponder over facts, truths and statements. A leader who exhibits wisdom cannot just gloss over deep sayings that mean so much. If Jesus had not spoken about the wisdom of serpents we may have overlooked the superior wisdom Be wise like a serpent they live by. However, because Jesus pointed out the wisdom of a serpent, all of us must pay special attention to these creatures and learn what we can from them.

So, what is the wisdom of a serpent? What makes a serpent wise? Serpents Are Wise. It is not strange to any of us that men fear snakes! It is also not strange if people have a proper respect for snakes! It is a fact that snakes are amazing creatures, superbly surviving and multiplying in spite of the generalized hatred that exists towards them. Would you not want to find the wisdom that would make you flourish more than all your colleagues?

Would you not want to find the wisdom that could make you successful in the face of strong opposition and hatred? Would you not want to have the wisdom that would make you flourish through all the changing scenes of life? After all, how many people are able to stay rich and prosperous through all seasons of life? Would you not want the wisdom that would make people fear you and treat you with proper respect?

Do you not want the wisdom that will make you quietly accomplish all your goals in this life? I am sure you want this wisdom. Indeed, that is the wisdom of the serpent! That is why Jesus said we must be wise as serpents.

Have you ever thought about the fact that there are no lions roaming around near your house? But there are probably snakes in your area. At least, I have seen snakes in every house I have ever lived in. Lions are simply non-existent in your area. They have been wiped out because they do not operate by the wisdom of the serpent. They operate by another kind of wisdom Be wise like a serpent the wisdom of a lion. The wisdom of a lion makes us have a proper respect and fear for lions. But the wisdom of a lion has not enabled the lion to flourish and multiply successfully in cities all over the world.

The population of lions is dwindling! Lions are becoming extinct! Snakes, on the other hand, are mysteriously found in every city and neighbourhood. In that sense, the snake is wiser than the lion because it has prevailed, flourished and prospered whereas the lions have become fewer and are nearing extinction. Every leader aims at being successful at what he does. A leader also aims at survival to perpetuate his aims. We will begin to look generally at the great wisdom of a serpent that has made it more successful than any other wild animal found in the zoo.

May you be a leader with the wisdom of a serpent! May you prevail where others have failed! Tags: columnist. Share this article:.

Be wise like a serpent

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