Best why did the chicken cross the road answers

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Some jokes are timeless … while others inexplicably survive year after year. So how did this wisecrack about a flightless fowl crossing a paved thoroughfare come about? An issue mentioned it as an example of a quip that might seem like a riddle but is in fact a straightforward and unfunny solution, an example of anti-humor:.

Not long after that, the line was modified and adapted to become an actual joke format, employing various puns and subversion of expectations since everyone already knew the official answer. Here are 10 of our favorite versions of the joke. A joke and puzzle pad filled with activities kids will love! Sources: Short-Funny. Aaron is unashamed to be a native Clevelander and the proud driver of a Hyundai Veloster Turbo which recently replaced his Saturn SC He gleefully utilizes his background in theater, literature, and communication to dramatically recite his own articles to nearby youth.

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Best why did the chicken cross the road answers

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40 'Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road' Jokes That'll Have You In Stitches