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Disney announced yesterday that their Magical Express bus service from the Orlando International Airport to the Disney World Resort hotels will be discontinued in Whether you turn to Uber, Lyft, or another rideshare service, using typically an app on your phone to arrange for someone to pick you up from Orlando International Airport and take you directly to your Disney World hotel can be fairly simple and quick. Want to go for something a bit more luxurious?

There are also separate costs for cars with car seats. These rates can all vary, however, depending on the date and time when you request your ride. Uber, for example, offers a Car Seat Service in select cities, including Orlando. With this service, the car that will come to pick you up will be equipped with a car seat.

Prices will vary. A rideshare option be somewhat limiting depending on the of people in your party and the amount of luggage you have. One big benefit to this mode of transportation though is that you can be dropped off directly at your hotel, without the need to stop at other hotels to let out other guests. Another thing you might want to consider is renting a car. We looked at Alamo and priced out what a rental car would cost if it was picked up at the airport on January 17th and returned to the airport on January 23rd.

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There were lots of Cab fare orlando airport to disney choices too. Again, keep in mind that these prices are all subject to change. Alamo, and, we expect many, if not all, of the other Cab fare orlando airport to disney rental companies, also offer child safety seats for an additional per day charge. And then you could do it all again in reverse for your return to the airport. That price, again, is subject to change. Another option is to simply hop in a taxi at the airport.

You can actually book a local taxi cab through some rideshare services, like Uber, directly on the app, or you can call or hail a cab while at the airport. Some taxis can carry up to 9 passengers. If you need a car seatyou may need to call the taxi company to request it and some may charge a fee, so keep that in mind. Although the Magical Express will be discontinued inthere are other shared ride shuttle busses and vans available from the airport that can take you to your hotel. For example, there are some vans and busses operated by Mears separate from the Magical Express.

And, in fact, Mears has announced the upcoming Mears Connect service since we originally wrote this post! These shuttles or vans can be quite economical. As another alternative, you could book a car, van, or other vehicle from a private car service company. Some of these can seat a large of passengers, can be pet-friendly, have child seats available, or have other amenities that might be important to you. If you are celebrating a special occasion or just want to add some extra style to your trip, you could also opt for something extravagant like a limo!

You can about this and the latest update on the service from Disney — here. In the fall ofDisney and Brightline shared that a near-high-speed rail station will be built at Disney Springs. Curious what this train could look like, where else it will go, and what services will be on board? Check out our full post for more info! Currently, the train is targeting a Disney Springs opening. Keep in mind, for many of the services discussed, you may need to factor in a tip for your driver.

How do you usually get from Orlando International Airport to your Disney hotel? Let us know in the comments! If long coffee shop lines at Disney World have you down, fear not! We've got You might not want to leave the theme parks for great food, but we've got If you're heading to Walt Disney World in the summer, there are some thing you'll The build up and excitement was a plus to begin your trip.

The convenience with your luggage was a bonus as well. I wonder what the reasoning is. DME was a fairly recent addition to the Disney experience and before that all these things were what you always did. I really was surprised when it was a complementary service to begin with. I am kind of surprised they are ending it without offering it at an up charge though. Disney is being Penny wise and Dollar foolish. Making certain guests are easily able to leave WDW property For restaurants. Better option would be to limit bus times and add in a service charge.

This is absolutely one of the most ridiculous changes Disney has made. Next, I suppose, we will have to find our own transportation from Disney resorts to Disney Springs and the parks. Then get off and then reboard a bus or taxi to the resort? Real convenient, especially for a family dragging kids and bags. Absolutely saddened that the Magical Express is to be discontinued.

This train from MCO to Disney Springs, maybe a great idea, but to say you can then get transportation to your hotel is not acceptable, due to the fact your not allowed to take suit cases on transportation! If so they may as well keep the Magical Express! As surely to put on extra buses at this point would counter extra costs? Quite simply, if we need to hire a car, it makes reserving off-site much more attractive for us. If the buses are cut off before the train is ready its not worth going to Disney.

This is not the way to entice more people to the parks. Very disappointed in Disney for this decision. Arrogant, foolish, and dismissive. Disney may be saving a few bucks now, but trust me, once people are on their own with a rental car or even getting an Uber, they will start to research other accommodation options and will see just how very affordable it is to stay offsite in and around Disney World.

Not to mention the trust has now been broken. When will the transportation from resort to parks stop? Seems it is just a matter of time. Maybe they will announce that too in the next six months. Remind me again why I am paying that money to stay onsite?? Just this slap in the face? It does hurt. A lot of things have gone on this past year of —covid had affected everyone. We loved this service because it was like you were starting your Disney vacation right then, love the characters on the screens and everyone was happy.

As a person that looked forward to taking my family to Disneyworld every other year sinceI just cant bring myself to book another trip there. With the changes they have made by removing the following: Luggage tags, Magic bands, Magical express, extra magic hours for resort guests where we stayparades, fireworks, meet and greets, fast passes, shortened park hours, etc.

Eventually people will forget about their childhood memories of Disney and spend their vacation and entertainment dollar elsewhere. Like Me. Sorry DIsney. Why is everyone getting crazy about this.

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The Magical Express Bus service is ending because the new train service from the airport to Disney Springs is starting. It works well in Hong Kong and Paris. When Magical Express is done, so are we. We used to check our bags in Chicago and not have to deal with them again until we got back to Chicago.

Could you possibly cut back on anymore Disney? What next, bring your own toilet paper?! This has definitely taken what little magic remains. We already sold one of our DVC contacts last year and we are for sure being encouraged to sell the last one with moves like this. My son who is a Disney addict did not enjoy all the new Covid stuff on our last trip so we did more off property activities.

He is already requesting less Disney time for our Spring trip. This was pretty clear in pointing out that the exchange, to guests, is paying several hundred more for transportation and parking, as well as confusing complexity, in exchange for the seamlessness of the Magical Express. Not a winning choice. Sorry Disney u lost my 1st and last night. There are a few points I would like to make. There will be a charge per person…so for a big group, it will still be a potentially large added expense.

In addition to being required to take your luggage with you on to the train… and then off the train… and then again on to a bus to your resort from Downtown Disney with your family in tow, I would assume it will be at least 2 hours of travel time or more. So…good luck with that. I can only imagine for the family with 2 strollers and 3 or 4 pieces of luggage what a disaster that will be…as well as the train service who now needs to multiply that by hundreds of similar families trying to board or get off the train. Why do you think they started it in the first place?

People seem to always forget that. My guess is that Disney is factoring in more guests will rent cars which in turn will generate for money from parking…at the resort and the parks…. I believe this will be a BIG mistake!!! It keeps rates competitive with Mears taxi company. It is an absolute ripoff to consumers. The local hack? Take the dollar bus that goes to a nearby shopping center and get an Uber from there. Uber and Lyft Cab fare orlando airport to disney their basic services available from the airport, as well as their premium services.

This has been the case for the past 3 years…. The magic is gone. We have gone every year to Disney, sometimes twice a year. With all the many changes, and not any good ones, we will not be returning. The Magical Express was the last straw. I go to Disney for a vacation that I can be taken care of as well as children. If I have to have all those expenses and headaches, I might as well go somewhere different. What happens when a plane load of people going to Disney Resorts or off site resorts lands How long would people have to wait for transportation I think that the decision to cancel the magic express might backfire on Cab fare orlando airport to disney.

People, do you think maybe Disney threw this thing about canceling Magical Express to see our reaction?? To see how many people use this or how many are willing to pay for the service, even though we know it is already figured into our price of things??!!

We have three trips schedule this year before the Magic Express is no longer. We have never waited more than 20 minutes since for the Magic Express. We stay at GF and CR. We are hearing the wait times are now an hour and a half!!

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Covid is the excuse??? More than sad to see this awesome perk be taken away. I realize WDW has not alwasy had the ME BUT to make an anology: Growing up we did not have a dishwasher, a garage door opener, q garbage disposal, heat in the upstairs of our house, or even a colored TV but now that I have had each most of my adult life, I sure would hate to go back to the old ways of doing.

We take the first flight out at so we arrive by in Orlando. We are in the parks by With the long bus wait and the early closing times to buy a ticket for day one is not worth it. This change will be Lose-Lose. Traffic, pollution, and congestion will increase.

Cab fare orlando airport to disney

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