Can a teacher be fired for dating a former student

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Confused about Clearing? Go to first unread. Skip to :. This discussion is closed. Report Thread starter 12 years ago 1. What do you think of such occurrences? I don't know. It would undoubtedly give rise to questions about what the teacher was thinking when the person was their student. Indeed, it's a strange case of affairs.

If the teacher began a sexual relationship with their student during the final year of sixth form they'd possibly be fired and put on the sex offenders register, whereas if it happened a year later then it'd be perfectly legal.

Also, in general, do you find something quite repulsive about a teacher getting involved with a former student, or do you believe it's totally benign? Not what you're looking for? NW86 Badges: Report 12 years ago 2. Interesting and difficult question.

Generally I would think it is benign if it takes place after the person has left school, but you do have to question the intentions of both parties if school was the place they met, and how they socialised with each other during that time. Although over 18, both consenting adults. Anecdotal story: a teacher at my old school married someone who left the 6th form, she then went on to have an affair with another teacher at the same school.

Maybe she just like teachers? Report 12 years ago 3. A young teacher and a student in their final year of sixth form or the year after I don't find weird. It's not like the age difference is that much - there is the issue of abuse of trust I suppose but most of the time I don't think it would be a teacher 'grooming' a pupil.

TurnBlue Badges: 4. Report 12 years ago 4. I have an opinion on this, but as has been said, it's difficult, as well. What I think is this - if a teacher has a relationship with a former pupil, after they've left sixth form and are, therefore, no longer their teacher, then fair enough. It's perfectly legal and not incriminating, and so they have no fear in that respect. However, I do agree that, if a teacher is willing to have a relationship with an ex student, then you have to question what was going on in their minds while they were teaching the pupil in question.

I've and a lot of other people, for that matter always seen teachers as more of another mother or father, in a way, people who pass on knowledge for the good of the future generation it sounds corny and cliched as hell, but it's a truism, loland so I couldn't possibly fathom having a sexual relationship with an teacher.

But, then again, that's just me, and as we all know, affairs between teacher and student have happened. And I'm officially rambling, lol. Pinapse The Synapse Badges: 0. Report 12 years ago 5. I think it's ok if the age difference isn't massive. Some people in my sixth form have boyfriends the same age as student teachers and no one is fussed about that.

EskimoJo Badges: Report 12 years ago 6. I don't think it matters at all regardless of the age gap. It's like any other relationship. Report 12 years ago 7. I think Can a teacher be fired for dating a former student quite sexy. The teaching goes on - the student is just taught more stuff in a different, more relaxed environment.

WaffleBakingStar Badges: 1. Report 12 years ago 8. In my opinion, it's the age gap that matters. Report 12 years ago 9. I know someone who started dating her teacher after she left school after her GCSE's. She went college to continue her education there instead. So she was I personally could never date a teacher, but she seems happy enough. Report 12 years ago Someone I was friends with got together with his teacher after we left school. It was about 2 years after we left though, and he was 18 at the time. The teacher who was also my teacher for a while about 8 years older than him.

They ended up living together, although, not sure if they're still together. The weird thing was that she'd been teaching him from the age of I couldn't care less as long as they're both consenting adults. RyanT Badges: I don't care about it anymore than I care about any relationship between two people I don't know. MSB Badges: I don't imagine there are many teachers ticking the days of the calendar around. Viewless Wings Badges: 8.

Original post by caroline I couldn't care less as long as they're both consenting adults. Report Thread starter 12 years ago Original post by emmers Slightly creepy but I honestly don't care.

Can a teacher be fired for dating a former student

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