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Single women with cats are reclaiming power over the bad old idea they are somehow pitiable. Credit: AP. The link between suspicion of Cat lady dating service qualities of the cat, and of single women, goes back a long way. Some of the first recorded accusations of women being witches, dating back around years, sparked myths about these persecuted, pariah women being able to turn themselves into cats.

Early Christians were fearful of cats because their religious rivals, the Pagans, favoured them; Satan himself was rumoured to be able to take the feline form. Taylor Swift is helping put the power behind the label 'cat lady' back into the hands of single women. During the Victorian era, witches were replaced as the emblem of all that is to be mistrusted in single women by "old maids", figures of pity and ridicule.

Unmarried women were often portrayed with cats, as both were considered mysterious, independent and reluctant to lay down and obey. And so, here we are, where a woman is allowed to be single, or have cats, but not both. A couple or a family with a cat is adorable; a single woman with a cat is a future health hazard. But as much as there is power in creating sexist and derogatory stereotypes to make women feel bad about themselves, there is also power in short, amateur videos that go viral on the internet.

Now, women online are turning the trope into a symbol of female power. Single women cat owners are showcasing their lives on social media and blogs, such as The Feminist Feline who happily shows off her life with her cat in a positive way. The images are of happy, confident women who live happy, full lives in colourful and perfectly clean homes no over-spilling kitty litter in sight and whose cats are just part of the picture.

And they're popular. As more women choose to remain single and childless, and stigma around living a solo household is finally starting to abate; women are simply less willing to be criticised for not settling down, whether by choice or not. Single women who own a cat are showing they couldn't care less about the stereotype, and are showing being single, and owning a cat, is a pretty great life.

No one calls Karl Lagerfeld, pictured with his fave feline, Choupette, a 'crazy cat man'. Credit: net-a-porter. When Swift starred in a Diet Coke ad inwhich showed that for every sip of the drink, a new cat would appear in her house, she went a long way to breaking the old spell. Swift happily owns her status as a cat lady, and her pets, Olivia and Meredith, often grace her social media posts, adding plenty of viral glam to the cat lady life.

She has put the new cat lady on the map; young, stylish, happy, and demonstrating how being single and owning a cat is an equation worth celebrating. And isn't it great to see one more tired old cliche about women finally lose its claws. Single women are turning the 'cat lady' stereotype on its head. Please try again later. The Sydney Morning Herald. By Alana Schetzer September 17, — 2. Save Log inregister or subscribe to save articles for later. Normal text size Larger text size Very large text size.

Is there anything more pitiable than being Cat lady dating service a "cat lady"? this article.

Cat lady dating service

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