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Going home at various times July through August. Edit: I forgot to post this last night. My husband is at the vet now. Anyone ready now for a pup?? Here we are again with another blenheim girl looking for her forever home. Thursday is our vet day and both of the Kenzie pups are going for their health certificates. You do not need to be on our waiting list for this puppy. This post is for everyone that has two Cavachon puppies.

I want to hear your stories. How long did it take for your first dog to accept the new puppy? I want to hear about the process, the steps as you could see some changes in attitude were happening. Allie-first pup left today, next one is going to California, and the last one Cavachon breeders in nj staying a few extra weeks. London-all puppies have been matched, first puppy went home to Texas via our SilverPaw Nanny Service, two more leaving this week via the Nanny Service to California, and the last three staying for a few extra weeks.

These little pups will all be ready in August. The next litter is from Kenzie. She was bred to Kingsley and she had two puppies. They are a bit smaller size and my guess is that they will be from lbs as adults. We will do litter selection next Sunday, July 11th. These puppies were born May 22nd and will be ready for Cavachon breeders in nj new homes July 17th. They are playful and fun, and will make wonderful pets! Here is a quick video of them on our FB.

Here is the litter link. We will only consider and discuss those puppies that you have selected here. To keep all options open, select all of the puppies. These pups are so cute! The blenheim has great color throughout her body and the golden girl is a nice deep golden color!!

Please double check your waiting list as it is subject to change Cavachon breeders in nj more people are matched to their puppies and their names are removed from the waiting list. We brought her intthis week. I get that we just had a litter of NINE blenheim puppies. Did we exhaust all of our people that wanted a gold and white puppy? This is the last pup from the London litter. Her siblings are starting to go home this Friday. We want her to go too! Nanny service is available to Houston this Friday or Sacramento next Tuesday.

Vet appointment is tomorrow at noon for the traveling pups so if anyone wants to put this together, we have to move quickly. Calling is going to be best right now. The next litter is from Allie. She was bred to Duke, the brother of London and Dutchess, and she had three puppies.

They are a pretty average size and my guess is that they will be from lbs as adults. We will do litter selection next Tuesday, June 29th after we finalize the London litter we should know final details about the London puppies by next Tuesday.

The litter form will be open until pm Sunday, June 27th. Here are some photos, a video, and the link for puppy selection. These puppies were born May 17th and will be ready for their new homes July 12th transportation to Sacramento, CA may be available for puppies on June 13th. I have a busy evening so I wanted to go ahead and get this list posted now.

Here is the call list for the London puppies. I plan to call tomorrow around pm. If there is someone on this list that wants to add blenheim female to their choices, please let me know. I want to thank those at the end of the list for reaching out and taking the chance of getting a pup.

It never hurts to try. For those asking how long it takes, six of these people, spread all through the waiting list, are going to be matched to puppies, with all different positions on the main waiting list. And if nobody reaches out for the blenheim girl, then she will be matched to a brand new person just reaching out to me. This is a fun graphic that the Google Doc Form provides. It shows me which puppies are the most popular, and which are still available blenheim female. All of them are going to make wonderful pets! On a side note, BOTH blenheim puppies from the Dutchess litter scroll down to blog posts for their pictures and video are still available.

They are gorgeous pups with lush coats. There is one girl and one boy. And Olivia was brought into the nursery to deliver a very fat belly of babies that are due in the next week. I finally had to delete the form and start over. This one should work. The London form is not updating properly and only shows two puppies. Please wait until further notice to fill out her form. Thanks KP. Hey everyone! My trip to California has gone so smoothly and today the last two pups went home. First pup heading to the Bay Area!

London girlie, so happy and cute!! He is such a doll!! Update on all the others: Kenzie litter matched and going home next week. My favorite part is meeting all of you! Blenheim girl on the left still available! Hey Everyone! Trip to CA is successful so far! Hi Everyone! Here is the call list. Updates on other litters: Dutchess-all puppies have gone home. She is going to a home that bought two Shichons puppies from us way back 14 years ago. They lived amazing lives but have gone over the rainbow bridge. Little girl is filling some very big shoes in ing this family.

Happy first meeting! Puppy with his new family. Penny-litter link coming soon. Olivia-litter link coming soon One solid sable girl, all the rest are boys. Hi Everyone, The next litter is from Kenzie. We also might have a Cavalier litter on the way. Thanks for following along! Happy Summer! Hello Waiting List!!

Cavachon breeders in nj

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