Damascus 1911 slide for sale

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His dad enrolled Bruce in the NRA 50ft. In Bruce landed his dream job, graduating from the New Jersey State Police Academy and becoming a police officer in the town he grew up in. The flexible work schedule permitted Bruce to fulfill his childhood dream of traveling the country and competing at every match.

It may be hard to believe, but when you do the math you will realize that there are virtually hundreds of possible frame and slide combinations when you consider models, materials and options offered on this site. This gives you the opportunity to de a custom pistol that exactly fits your requirement and taste. Once you have a rough idea of the combination you really like, call or send it to us. We'll be glad to speak with you, answer questions and make suggestions to make sure we get it right.

We will work you up a formal quote for you to look over, tweak and approve before we start your order. This way you'll know exactly what you ordered and how much it will cost. Kyle Foster's Damascus Pistol. Request a Catalog. Featured Products. Caspian Damascus Steel Slides. Show Case Click for sale items! Factory Outlet for our current specials! We Make it Easy Current lead times are weeks.

Damascus 1911 slide for sale

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Caspian Damascus Steel Slides