Date night sushi and drink

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We arrived early and took a stroll around the quaint little neighbourhood. My date was certainly pretty taken with it! But what makes it it really delicious is the price tag, which is just ludicrous… go on, take a peek. We slurped on a few cocktails as we reminisced about meeting each other, which seems like a lifetime ago already! It almost felt as though it would melt on your tongue, like butter.

He kindly let me have more than my fair share and I traded him my slices of tuna, which was a little metallic for my tastes. But… the restaurant needs a little something extra. It was worryingly quiet. I like buzzy, packed places where you can speak your mind and laugh uproariously. The paper displays on the roof proclaim sad tales and different quotes about women all being liars, love hurting and general hate, in every language imaginable.

The Mr took me out for a fancy seafood dinner. This dress is a recent pick-up and I love it. Just what you want on date night! I feel the same way, my friend. So here we go… Welcome to Uni. The decor is fresh, the staff are chipper and the food is cracking. We sat at the bar, surrounded by funky lights made out of pop bottles. I always like to sit at the bar in sushi restaurants so I can watch the chefs work their magic. We had salted edemame beans. Deliciously crunchy, salty, sweet parcels.

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Two mouthfuls a pop. Not the easiest thing to eat with chopsticks, but worth the effort! Seabass ceviche. Tuna tartar with guacamole. Good quality, raw tuna topped with the food of the Gods avocado and drizzled in unagi sauce. Quite the spread to get started with!

We followed it up with some more traditional sushi. Old school. Soft shell crab in one, prawn tempura in the other.

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Followed by another healthy option, rock shrimp tempura. This stuff is the crack of the Japanese food world. Ok, just me then. And then finally got down to some proper, grown up sushi. A plate that included my first taste of butterfish sashimi. One more cocktail later and we caved, and asked for the black cod. The true test of any new japanese haunt. Is it weird to think that the sentiments were oozing into the restaurant? My dress on the other hand, can look forward to many more outings!

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Date night sushi and drink

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Date Night: Sushi Workshop