Dating someone abroad

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She is, in fact, a Filipina who hails from the mountains of Mindanao—a pretty dangerous place according to many news sites. While I grew up with air conditioning, soccer games, and private schools, she grew up in the mountains with her grandparents, used oil lamps at night, walked more than an hour to get to school through the jungle, and never took a hot shower until she was Life was hard for her compared to the privilege I had, and when you bring these two backgrounds together into a romantic relationship, some serious sparks can fly.

The good and bad kind.

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Ignorance, to me, is the biggest enemy of our time. People have to work pretty damn hard to descend further into ignorance, but you also have to work pretty damn hard to rise up out of it, too. Empathy is the key to living a happy and fulfilling life.

Empathy and ignorance are two sides of the same scale. As ignorance goes down, your capacity to feel empathy for others goes up. Empathy is what moves a good person to a great one— and while I have a LONG way to go in becoming a great person, I believe I am making progress by seeing another culture through the eyes of someone I love. To truly love someone, you have to love where they came from too. Dating someone abroad would say most people are proud of where they come from. Just pack your bags right now to save them the heartache.

When I started dating my girlfriend, we got Dating someone abroad a lot of fights. As time went on, we got in ificantly less fights. Well, imagine switching from an Android to an iPhone. Understand that little fights at first are completely normal while figuring out where the other is coming from. We both grew up on earth but we might as well have come from a totally different planet. It can be a lot of fun to hear crazy stories from each other about how you both grew up. The other day a few Filipinos took me to a vendor on the side of the road selling fried grasshoppers.

They told me to pick one up with my hands and eat it. This was the last thing I wanted to do. I ate the damn thing. For example, I try my best to be extra kind to everyone I meet. I hate being the center of attention. The Philippines is inhabited mostly by Filipinos in part because not many people from outside Asia typically come here. Just know that going in. People will stare.

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Just smile back and wave. There are some people like that here, though, walking around with old white men three times their age. But just be prepared for that negativity. I shrug it off. I am confident in my girlfriend and I know she loves me for me. Just be prepared to get stereotyped a little. Do yourself a favor and learn the language. Practice 15 minutes per day for a year if you have to. I say this because learning the language has dramatically increased the quality of my interactions with Filipinos everywhere.

Learning Tagalog has probably helped improve my quality of life here tenfold, and I highly recommend everybody dating someone from a foreign country to do the same thing with their respective language.

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The Philippines is pretty conservative, actually. In America that would have been completely fine, but she essentially backed away from me and needed a few seconds. Later she told me she liked it, but I really did take her by surprise, I think. Do your homework about how conservative a country may be before holding hands, engaging in PDA, and kissing. Love is a two-way street. You are not just learning a lot about their culture, they are also learning a ton about you and where you come from, too.

Have pride in where you come from, and be patient with them as they get used to you too. Knowing this and being patient with them through that is key. Who knew this would happen? Who knew someone could actually pull me up from my own filth and make me better?

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I have learned a lot dating this pretty girl from the mountain. Travel blogger. Currently in the Philippines. in. Felicia C. Tom Kuegler Follow. You will become ificantly less ignorant Ignorance, to me, is the biggest enemy of our time. Be prepared to be the center of attention I hate being the center of attention.

Learning the language is incredibly important Do yourself a favor and learn the language. Be mindful of how conservative their country may be The Philippines is pretty conservative, actually. I Love You Relationships now. Love Relationships Culture Travel Self. I Love You Follow. Written by Tom Kuegler Follow. More From Medium. Nas Hoosen. Tommy Paley in The Junction.

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Dating someone abroad

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