Dating someone with hyperhidrosis

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If your hyperhidrosis affects your hands, dating can be intimidating. One of my readers in Australia Australia! The routine for us probably starts with plenty of time to spare. So then the hair on the nape of our neck gets wet again, even though we just spent torturous minutes under the blow dryer to get it dry.

Summer with hyperhidrosis is extra challenging with the hair and makeup routine. Ladies, you do get ready with a fan blowing on you and a hand towel draped over the counter for intermittent hand wiping, right? Can I get an amen? There is a distinct difference between the two. I usually would just leave it at that, but sometimes you can take the conversation a step farther and actually explain up front why your hands are so wet. Your hand is really wet! When you let out your sweating angst, it can set you free.

It takes a lot of courage to share your hyperhidrosis with someone else. So show up. Show up for yourself first and foremost, which will give your date permission to do the same. No one is perfect, and by sharing a part of yourself that can be difficult to hide you create a scenario for authenticity.

Some people may not even care when your hands start to get wet. For me, it makes it worse so I like to let go for a few minutes and get dry again. Do not avoid dating because of your hyperhidrosis. Actively seek treatment for hyperhidrosisand in the meantime, ask for what you need when you date someone. Go up to the mountains, down to the beach at dusk, Dating someone with hyperhidrosis to the lake to watch the sun rise or set, or look for windy days when you know the air flow will be good.

Dating is possible with hyperhidrosis. Or, they will care about you, and by default care about your condition enough, that they will think of ways to help you cope with it. They will blast the AC and cool the car down before they let you get in.

They will run the AC in their house when you are there, or turn on the ceiling fan, or let you sit next to the open window in the room since the breeze is blowing. They will carry your dinner plate through the buffet line at a wedding reception and pile the food on for you because lines, and handling utensils before and after other people, are a trigger for you. How do I know all of this is possible? Are you struggling to find a hyperhidrosis doctor? What about treatments for hyperhidrosis? In the following video, I discuss the What if you had a chance to help people just like you who are suffering from hyperhidrosis?

He has the answer but is too afraid to raise Please welcome Melanie from the United States to the sweaty tribe. She is a brave soul with hyperhidrosis who has chosen to share her I always stand on a towel when I Dating someone with hyperhidrosis ready. Ideas for Less Sweaty Dates Do not avoid dating because of your hyperhidrosis. You might also like. My Newsletter. Search for:. Connect With Me! Facebook Instagram Twitter. Proud to be an affiliate partner.

Dating someone with hyperhidrosis

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Dating & Intimacy with Hyperhidrosis