Delay spray singapore

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I offer Promescent as first-line therapy to all of my patients with premature ejaculation. Promescent is truly a new experience backed by clinical research and science to make a better you - especially in the bedroom. Promescent has really solved a pressing medical need for the community.

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Many men are now buying Promescent not to treat PE, but to last longer. It's a spray for guys to put on their junk that can help them last longer in bed. And it's making a bold claim: that it can close the orgasm gap. Privacy is guaranteed. Packages ship in discreet plain packaging with "Customer Service" as the name on the return address.

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Your Cart is Empty X. Continue Shopping X. Discreet shipping, guaranteed. Enjoy all the sensations of sex without holding back or worrying about finishing too soon. Delay Spray. Adult Toys. All I need is a spray or two, to take the edge off while still allowing me to feel everything. Everyone is different, play with the of sprays until you find the perfect amount. I have purchased this spray many times and will be a customer for life. Highly recommend Vitaflux I will be a repeat customer.

Thank you Promescent. My husband and I will be lifetime customers!!! Enjoy more intimate and longer-lasting sex. Targetzone - desensitizes only the areas you want, for a more pleasurable experience. Nitric oxide can increase blood flow, lower blood pressure, aid in erection strength and more. Mohit Khera, M. Baylor College of Medicine.

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Ronald Gilbert, M. Promescent Founder, In Memoriam. Antonio Alarcon, M. Alarcon Urology Center.

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Our Products. Promescent In The Media.

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Discreet Packaging Privacy is guaranteed. Shipped in discreet letter packaging.

Delay spray singapore

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