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A drug called K2 is believed to be behind more than overdoses in New Haven, Connecticut, this week. Some of those who overdosed experienced speeding heart rates, difficulty breathing and vomiting. Others were found collapsed in a semiconscious or unconscious state on the New Haven Green, the downtown park. Although no deaths were reported, two people experienced serious, life-threatening consequences. Earlier this year, K2 was also tied to 56 cases of severe bleeding, including four deaths, across Chicago and central Illinois.

In a separate incident, 33 people collapsed on the streets of New York City. These things are not synthetic marijuana, and I worry using this term might give the wrong impression, especially to young people," said Mike Baumann, chief of the Deer Drug Research Unit at the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

K2 or "spice" is a mixture of herbs, spices or shredded plant material that has been sprayed with chemicals that are similar to but not the same as THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

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Sometimes, K2 comes in liquid form to be vaporized in e-cigarettes. It is also smoked in ts or pipes or made into a tea. Some users report similar effects to marijuana: elevated mood, relaxed feelings, altered perception. By "much more potent," Baumann means "50 to times more potent," and this greater power is more likely to cause serious side effects.

It's a different animal altogether. Synthetic cannabinoids alone "don't smell like pot," he said. However, dealers sometimes mix pot into the synthetic cannabinoids.

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In years, K2 was sold in shiny packages and found on the shelves of brick and mortar shops -- mostly gas stations and head shops -- but there's been a crackdown on that, Baumann said. This international trade aspect means it's extremely difficult to track the import of these substances. In the United States, Does k2 smell like weed tough job falls to the Drug Enforcement Administration, which has classified -- in some cases temporarily -- eight separate synthetic cannabinoid chemicals as Schedule I, meaning they have no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.

Yet it does not stop when the DEA identifies one of these synthetic cannabinoid chemicals and it is made illegal by legislative action. The World Health Organization is also tracking these compounds because the problem has "global reach," he noted. Use of these drugs is "under the radar," so it's difficult to estimate the total of users, Baumann said.

One group of people who use these drugs more than the general population is "people who are subjected to random drug testing, because the substances are not detected by traditional urine tox screens," he said. These include probationers, parolees, military personnel and athletes. Parents looking to see whether their children might be using the drug should look for red eyesdepressed mood and changes in behavior or sleep patterns. In the worst-case scenario, users become impaired, fall into a stupor or lose consciousness.

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