Exotic hispanic women

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The television and movie industry in America is dominated by white men who often portray ethnic minorities from a white point of view. Specifically, Latin American women in the American mainstream media are exoticised and hypersexualized.

Even Exotic hispanic women an ethnic minority is white-passing, when their nationality is revealed it may heighten their sexual appeal to people that value exoticism. But a race is only considered exotic because of the lack of representation in mainstream television and film.

When a minority is represented they are often represented as how white people see them, which may differ from the intricacies of their culture. There are in-groups and out-groups, and people find worth in being in those in-groups. Ethnic minorities struggle with relating to these in-groups often because they are not accurately represented in popular culture. Gloria is a Latina trophy wife that is always in high heels, sexualized clothing and is hot-headed.

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That media portrayal transfers into the real world where Latinas feel the obligation to dress explicitly or are expected to do so by white men in order to be accepted in society, which can harm the way Latinas view themselves. Exoticism extends all the way to how a person speaks. A language is a method of communication, not a way to fulfill white desires. The media has hypersexualized the Spanish words for mom and dad.

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It is hard for Latinas to escape these stereotypes. The media has a powerful influence and if Latina women keep being represented the way they are, they will start adopting and becoming what the media wants them to be.

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Exotic hispanic women

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Our True Face: Latina women are exoticized and unfairly portrayed in the media