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My year-old daughter and I went to Pacific Honda for a used 98 Ford F we got there we met with Richard very nice respectful it was a really nice truck but then I noticed it only had three doors so I knew my husband wanted for and so we had to walk away Richard did not hassle us Honda civic san diego try to make us stay and look at other vehicles he just said okay thank you he'll keep an eye out for a Ford F and in our price range well about a week later my husband said that he would like to get that original truck the 98 Ford F so we went back and I decided to get the truck Richard was nothing but knowledgeable and respectful especially to my 16 year old that looked like she was bored of being there and so we went over to the financing and we bought the truck.

I respect Richard he served our military he's very professional and very knowledgeable and a very personable person. Richard and Pacific Honda went above and beyond what they had to for my family so they have my respect for that.

I started my research Honda civic san diego to purchase a new Honda Accord Touring and spoke with several people from dealerships on the phone. They would not give me much information on the phone and insisted I come in person to speak with a salesman. I was surprised most of them were too busy to talk to me and were telling me their sticker price MSRP was all they were selling their cars for. I came across Pacific Honda on the internet and they had great reviews and had the car I wanted in black color. I called them on the phone and spoke with a salesman name Fred, Farhad Zafar.

Fred was so nice and friendly and was eager to talk to me about the vehicle I was interested in. I immediately felt comfortable asking him so many questions about the vehicle and price. He was not pushy and he didn't pressure me to buy from him. I spoke with his Sales Manager, Mark Morrow on the phone. He was also very friendly and I was able to discuss everything I wanted in my vehicle. We came to an agreement on the price. This dealership is in San Diego and I would have to drive a long way to go there when I have 3 Honda dealerships near me.

Both Fred Zafar and Mark Morrow were so attentive, super nice and professional so I decided I wanted to check out the car at their dealership. I met with Fred Zafar in their lot. He was delightful and he had the car ready to go for me to test drive. Mark Morrow came to meet my husband and I and he was engaging and pleasant. I could tell these two guys had a lot of experience Honda civic san diego their field and were extremely knowledgeable with their vehicles. After my test drive I knew I wanted to buy the car from Fred Zafar.

After we finished the financing, Fred Zafar took the time to go over everything in my new car. He set up my seat positioning, my alarm to set after I walk away from my car and walked me through the system, cameras and all sorts of features. I have bought many cars in my life and never met a car salesman so compassionate about selling a vehicle to a customer as Fred was. He wanted to make sure he answered all of my questions and I was completely happy with my new detailed and shiny vehicle. I take the time to write these reviews because I read other people's reviews all the time to hear their real experiences.

I will refer Fred Zahar to my family and friends to buy a car. This was the best buying experience I had. Ask for Fred Zafar if you go there because he is so awesome and made me a happy customer! Thank you Pacific Honda! Chevelle Eldridge. The car buying process was painless and to the point. Both sales consultants were very knowledgeable and took the time explaining features. Days after the purchase, Marcelo followed up with an and offered to answer any questions that I may have.

I was surprised by the thoughtfulness, would definitely recommend anyone buying a new or used car. I was in the market for a used car and was having a problem getting one, most dealers wanted a coer since I did not have a car on my credit report and my credit wasn't that strong. I applied to this dealer through credit Karma one of the sites that hook you up with a dealer and I was introduced to Pacific Honda used car department and Eduardo Ibarra. Eduardo took care of me, I had already seen a car online a Nissan Altima with low miles only 85, and was interested in it.

We went for a test drive and then began to get Honda civic san diego background information etc. Although I had to pay a higher interest rate, I could not have got financed otherwise or would still continue to have a hard time getting an auto loan. As far as the product is concerned there was no pressure in buying the car and after a month or so the car seems to hold up well.

When I bought the car it seemed to have minor body work that was needed. Eduardo completed a "Due Bill" with me and took care of the minor damage even though we seemed to miss a scratch. These guys seem to do good work and no haggling about the repair. Overall I would recommend them to anyone seeking a second chance and or starting over.

Today I bought my second Honda from Pacific Honda. I had such a great experience with Jeff McPike the first time when he was the only person on the west coast that was able to get me the exact car I wanted that was sure to return. I was not disappointed.

I absolutely dread the car buying experience. Negotiating, add-ones, bait and switch I have and will continue to recommend to all my friends and family to visit Jeff McPike at Pacific Honda. I was introduced to "DJ" Jefferson by a friend and I am so impressed by his caring and concern for my situation. I needed to get into a car as quickly as possible at the best rate. I spoke with him over the phone and let him what I needed in a vehicle and the price range that i wanted and payments range.

When i went in for my appointment, he had a range of vehicles that would fit my needs and was able to get me into it. Thank you DJ!!!! I worked with Brooks Simpson at Pacific Honda. Honda civic san diego helped me from start to finish. He was knowledgeable in their fields and helped me find the perfect car, No pressure through out without any attempts to upsell me on additional features on the car.

They were fair with the value of my trade in. I will highly recommend going to Brooks if you're looking for a car! Great Job Brooks! We saw the car on the internet and made an appointment with Tate Mackenzie to show us the car.

I had ly had terrible experiences purchasing cars at dealerships, but Tate was so funny and friendly, that he made purchasing a car a pleasure. It was more like purchasing a car from a friend, than from a salesman. He was not pushy at all and did not make us sit there for hours. Instead, he really worked with us to find a fair price. Tate made the purchasing experience smooth and hassle-free. My daughter absolutely loves her car and we left the dealership extremely happy and satisfied.

Tate also contacted us a few days later to ensure that my daughter was still happy with the car and that we were satisfied with the purchasing experience. This was by far the best dealership experience I have ever had.

I highly recommend both Tate Mackenzie and Pacific Honda. I am a resident of Chula Vista my son Alex Pena needed a vehicle we visited your used car Center map with a mr. Brooks sellers he was very attentive well mannered salesperson I gave him five stars he attended as well took us through the financial system very well game of this man 5 stars I think him and Pacific Honda and I will recommend other customers to you thank you very much for Gerardo Pena.

Great customer service Mr. Darnell Jackson, I appreciate you coming in when you were supposed to be off already. Hope you enjoy the game on Sunday. Hope the Chargers make you proud. This was my first car buying experience, and if I had to do it all over again I would absolutely still choose Pacific Honda.

My sales associate Scott was amazing and made the process simple and hassle free. We initially went to the dealership only to look, but after meeting the sales team and sitting down with Scott we decided to make the jump and purchase a vehicle. I would hands down recommend them to anyone looking for a new vehicle, Pacific Honda has an amazing team.

It has been a pleasure to work with them. Darnell was great with assisting my mother on her car search. She was undecided bht he was flexible, patient and dedicated to making sure she was happy. Thanks Mr. Very efficient workers, nice atmosphere!

Even if I waited for about 2 hours to get my car serviced since it was a busy weekend, the waiting area was comfortable and it wasn't a drag staying there. Free wifi and refreshments! Really enjoyed working with Scott. They were both very curtious They answered al our questions and concerns.

Honda civic san diego

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