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Gay sex stories that will make you incredibly hard and horny. Here are quick teasers, I took his cock slowly in my mouth, being careful to wet the whole shaft with my tongue… I am very submissive and this really turned me on. I pushed me down on his cock and I relaxed my throat… When I came, he continued to suck harder and harder draining me of all of the built up fluids…. Except that it was summer and I sort of knew him from college. He was nice enough Darren thought.

He was being fucked! Daniel and Josh were both taking classes at the local community college, and the two of them having a secret bi-affair as friends He had a smooth sweet face. Even working the long hours on the plantation he always had an easy smile Rick liked girls well enough His uncle had just gotten out of the shower and was naked, although not looking at all embarrassed My First Black Cock Gay Sex Stories After high school I the army it was my first time to shower with a Hot male sex stories of nude men and black guys my eyes went from one cock to the next He was a good looking black guy.

He was nice and kind of shy, and had a great smile Jacob was a bit shy about that, knowing that it looked Being Between Guys Derrick and I had decided to go for a walk in the woodsy area that was close by. It was secluded and nice. Neither of us had much to say as we walked He was only nineteen and unaccustomed that that sort of male rapport between friends. Ron was thirty-two and Friends, Love and Sperm Gay Sex Stories Josh and Terrance had gone camping up in the near-by woodsy hills where it was private and secluded.

The first thing they had done was to put down their They were always the biggest and stiffest, almost to the point of being painful. Not that he mined It was so exciting to be feeling himself They were naked together right there in the kitchen, and Cody was leaning forward with his hands When I went over to see him early that morning, he had just gotten up and was naked.

Something that he just grinned Doing It For Fun Gay Sex Stories David was naked and on his hands and knees right there on the living room floor, and Greg was on his knees just as naked behind him, sliding his lubricated Male Moments in Summer Gay Sex Stories Scott was eighteen, good looking, athletic with a trim, strong muscular physique. He liked the girls and the girls liked him. But like so many boys Geez, it felt so good to be fucked by a guy Jared was twenty and Dan was fifty-eight and divorced.

Dan was a nice enough guy, sort of typical Man Sex Gay Sex Stories I finally decided to attend my high school reunion, maybe some of my old classmates would be there and we could talk about then and now The Male Reward Gay Sex Stories Kyle had a proud sort of smirk on his face as he stood there nakedly displaying his hard boner. His man organ curved rigidly up with a network of veins I was so surprised. I had no idea that Rick was into stuff like that I loved his being male with me like this.

It just felt so good to experience this together as guys We were sitting in his room. Jake and Devon were lying naked together on the bed, propped up against the pillows, each smoking a cigarette. Jake had his arm around They both smiled happily at one another to be together, and the thought that they were becoming lovers It was so cool to be doing this with a friend, and to be impregnating Jared Continue reading. Not as in I liked other Hot male sex stories better than girls It was the beginning of summer. I could hardly believe that I was doing this with another Danny's Man Love Gay Sex Stories Danny was amazed by how stimulating it was having his butt hole played with like that.

Dave was poking his finger in and out. Very straight acting muscular masculine 60 years old happily married but the last 3 years my old addiction has came back Gay Love - Older and Younger Gay Sex Stories Cody was twenty-two, average but good looking, with sandy hair that was starting to be longish at the beginning of that summer. He was quiet and somewhat Friendly Male Love Gay Sex Stories We were standing there naked in the kitchen gently holding one another, and my penis was nice and stiff.

It felt so good and so male having a boner Eddie was unsure about doing this with another boy That he was being Nothing Better Gay Sex Stories Ryan was facing Dawane, sitting astride his lap, with his thick erection firmly pushed up into his butt. We had just purchased our first home computer. Back when dial up was how you connected to the internet. AOL is where it He was Vietnamese, with a slightly darker complexion, and was small, with a slender build that made him I befriended the widower that lived 3 houses down.

His wife died years ago, and I felt sorry for him I had met Jess at the pool at the beginning of that summer, and we had started talking and becoming friends The Appealing Younger Lover Gay Sex Stories It was funny, Jarred thought, that it was not until he was divorced at the age of forty-eight, five years before, that he realized he had gay leanings But they had become friends at work, and somehow that sort of thing had just Carl smiled at his friend, looking into his deep brown eyes, and Jason smiled back.

It seemed so extraordinary The two of them had been feeling horny and decided to take their clothes off It was summer and the weather was warm and David And Me, All Male Gay Sex Stories David and I were naked and sitting on the edge of the bed, having the biggest, stiffest erections, while our mouths were together and our tongues wetly Continue reading Secret Boy Moments Gay Sex Stories They were walking back home from college along the old road when they had decided to do it.

It was fall and the weather was cool, so they had only At first Brad could not taste anything, but only feel the surges of thick liquid on his tongue and then New Friends And Romance Gay Friendship He looked like a boy who belonged on the beach, standing there with his sandy longish hair, barefoot and clad only in a pair of well-faded and frayed cut-offs Jason was surprised by the suggestion And then I felt the firm pressure of the swollen head of his penis start to push in Then, after we started playing a round, just a little Becoming Gay?

Gay Sex Stories Davey was deciding that he was becoming gay. That he really did prefer to be with other guys instead of with girls. It had started several months ago Oh, So, Soooo Good! Gay Sex Stories Kenny was embarrassed by just how big and stiff his erection was. Its length arcing rigidly up from between his legs, with the head Hot male sex stories swollen He really did. Only he was embarrassed by this and it was his secret.

And of course that was a problem Part 1Part 2. It was a warm summer morning and when they reached the stream that There was nothing unusual in this. Yet, he was embarrassed to feel this way, and afraid of being labeled He was my age, and he had longish dark hair. He seemed to My New Fantasy Gay Sex Stories I love playing with my naked body parts with the main objective of busting a big load of yummy creamy cum to eat.

I am an exhibitionist and voyeur all Happy Happy Happy Gay Sex Stories I was browsing the old craigslist casual encounters and something new and interesting caught my eye. An ad from a bi guy stating that his whole body I happened upon Close Shave Gay Sex Stories Robby always had his haircut every two weeks at the one Barber shop he preferred, 'Toms He' But the day a new face started to work there was the day It was if I was in another world, a world of sereneness.

I felt his head Gay Sex In Bombay I shared my sex experience in Saudi last time that was many years back Hot male sex stories a teenager now I am middle age but look younger than my age. Gay sex in Bombay I was tall fair slim good looking.

Hot male sex stories

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