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I regularly get s from people who say that they've been seeking God, but haven't found him. They often express disappointment and frustration at the fact that once-promising spiritual journeys have now led to a dead end, and they want to know: "Is there anything else I can do? I'm not a spiritual director or a theologian, but I do have plenty of experience with spiritual dry spells and difficulties in the process of conversion, and I've spent a lot of time talking with wise people about common struggles in this department.

If you feel stuck in your spiritual search, set aside the search for God per se and seek humility instead. The importance of this step cannot be overstated. Pride is one of the most effective ways to block God out of our lives. Throw all your efforts into becoming a more humble person. For inspiration, read up on people throughout history who were known for their humility. You might be surprised at how much this fast will transform your heart. Asking tough questions and How find god what the great Christian thinkers have said on the matter will only bring you closer to God.

Some authors I recommend are C. Lewis, G. Chesterton, Thomas Aquinas and Augustine How find god Hippo. This is not something you can know about from analyzing data or reading books alone. Follow the Ten Commandments. Show love and kindness to everyone, even your enemies. Read the Bible. Give God the thanks and honor and respect you would show him if he did exist. As Pascal suggestedjust try it for a while, and see what happens. This is by far the most important step. I was there for a long, long time. But there is no substitution for humbly, regularly turning toward God with an open mind and an open heart.

Show me how. When I originally posted a version of this list at my personal blog a few years ago, it stopped at five. Then I got an from a wise reader, who suggested that I missed a sixth step. He wrote:. One must be willing to give up everything for God…I believe that the biggest problem people have with finding God is that they are not willing to give up earthly desires to find Him. People want the best of both worlds. They want a relationship with God and be able to hang on to worldly desires.

I think this is all to often overlooked. But not so with God. Because God is the source of all that is good, to know what God is is to know what Good is. And if you're not open to a new understanding of what is Good, then you're not really open to God. The bottom line is this: seek, and you shall find. Originally posted at National Catholic Register. Image credit: Sustainable Nano. Jennifer Fulwiler is a writer and speaker who converted to Catholicism after a life of atheism.

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How find god

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12 Practical Steps in Your Search for God