How to date an insecure woman

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But for some people, it runs very deep and affects their lives in a very negative way. An insecure woman comes into your relationship with a whole lot of emotional baggage that is bound to wreck things at some point. Most often these insecurities will manifest in the form of trust issues ranging from jealousy, blame sharing, belittling, criticism to a controlling attitude and excess drama. To overcome these issues you have to be able to identify them first, before deciding if you want to stick around to help build her self-esteem or run in the opposite direction.

These are some of the most common s and red flags of insecurity in a woman. The moment you do something without her she freaks out. Her insecurities will push her to go through your phone, read your texts, check your internet search history, double check your whereabouts, boss you around and keep tabs on you at all times.

An insecure woman takes everything you say as criticism and lashes out defensively. Such behavior is an undeniable of deep-seated insecurity you mustn't ignore. This is pretty messed up but insecure people enjoy bringing down and bullying others. A clingy and needy girlfriend is a red flag pointing straight to her insecurities and low self-esteem.

Sharing blame is her strong suit, an insecure woman will blame everybody else but herself. Being too needy is the of a How to date an insecure woman insecurity, women who lack the confidence to stand on their own two feet will rely on their partner for everything, even to boost their self-esteem and self-worth. She needs your approval and validation and will try to get it at all cost.

This type of woman is attention seeking and lives on a supply of compliments and flattery. Insecure people sometimes feel they have to apologize for their shortcomings and flaws. They have a hard time How to date an insecure woman who they are, so they believe nobody else can accept and love them.

She uses every opportunity to make you feel guilty for your mistakes, for spending time with your family and friends, for having a life outside of your relationship. Her ultimate goal is to guilt you into hating yourself as much as she hates herself. Talk of being messed up! Unfortunately, this is a very common scenario in lots of relationships today. A woman who always overreacts to the slightest thing is often insecure in her own skin.

Pettiness is her middle name, such a woman lives for fights, disagreements, and blowouts. What does love really mean to you? Being with an insecure woman is like walking on broken glass, you have to constantly tiptoe around her. Even when complimenting her, you have to make sure you do not say something that will get you the opposite of the desired effect. Here are a few pointers. But an insecure woman is like a time bomb anything can tick her off even a compliment. So if your woman is insecure be sure to give her compliments with meaning.

This will make her melt like ice-cream on a hot day. Most of the issues around insecurity and low self-esteem are around the way the person sees themselves. Use compliments to help her believe in herself, trust herself and know that she can count on you. For a woman who does not believe in herself, the last thing you want to do is to call her up on her insecurities. Give her sincere compliments around the things she hates about herself, make positive comments and reassure her until she can believe in herself again.

The worst thing you can do here is to make it about you, put aside your ego and make it about her. Remember that her insecurities are not her fault but the result of past experiences and trauma that may go as far back as her childhood. Build a safe haven and a sanctuary for her to be in until she triumphs over her insecurities.

And this is a very lonely place to be in. Her goal is to have you all to herself without anyone interrupting. An insecure woman will leave her friends and family for you and expects you to do the same. You may never have an honest conversation, her insecurities will make her avoid any serious and heart to heart communication. Insecure people enjoy watching other people fail because they consider themselves undeserving.

Her insecurities and low self-esteem will rub off on you, until you become negative, and lose faith in yourself. It can be overwhelming dealing with an insecure woman, you never know what to expect. It may take a while and lots of patience but it can be done. Sometimes all she needs is someone who will believe in her and hold her hand through her healing process. What are the s you are dating an insecure woman. She Runs You Down.

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How to date an insecure woman

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