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It turns out that women do as well.

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An Ohio State University study revealed that guys think about sex 19 times per day debunking that every-seven-seconds myth compared to 10 times per day for women. But, there definitely are some clues depending on the stage of your relationship.

It means you care. Because some women really know themselves. They know if they have sex and orgasm, that releases oxytocin, which is known as the attachment or cuddle hormone. Marni Kinrys, owner of The Wing Girl Method and host of the Ask Women podcast, says a lot of women fear the guy will disappear after she sleeps with him.

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Or she may just have her own personal reasons for waiting. For example, you might want to have more sex, while she just wants to relax and hang out. If your wife is usually tired in the evening, Fleming suggests trying to figure out a more optimal time. Or, is it midday on the weekend? Or before dinner and that second glass of wine that makes her want to drift to sleep? Whenever it is, figure out a good time so you and your wife will have more pleasurable experiences together. This way you can stop thinking about sex and start actually having it again.

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