Is it possible to find love on a dating site

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And does being over 30 cost you more? The aim has been, as many dating profiles say, to find a reason to delete the apps. Recently I noticed that Tinder was advertising one of its premium services to me, Tinder Gold. I had just turned 28, so I wondered if I was being charged more than a younger user. I asked them to send me a screenshot of the price Tinder was asking them to pay. Tinder Plus seemed more random. Tinder is not the only dating app to offer a premium service, many offer one or more price points, as well as a free version. We have rounded up the advertised prices and what you get for your money from each one.

You will also get a huge amount of information on other users, including details of whether they have recently been online. The features include removing the limit on the of profiles you can view. It also has some features that might make some users uncomfortable, allowing you to see when another user is typing and the ability to browse the app without being visible to other users. Sophie Thomas, a celebrity dating and love coach, says it is worth buying into a premium service. James Preece, the host of the Love Machine podcast, agrees that it is worth spending money.

That can really help getting quality matches. The dating and relationships coach Kate Mansfield disagrees, however. To try to make sense of what my friends and I were being charged, I contacted Tinder. In addition, we frequently offer promotional rates, which can vary based on factors like location or length of subscription.

No other demographic information is considered in our pricing structure. To Allan Candelore, a Tinder user in California, this age-based pricing seemed unfair, and he launched a class action lawsuit. Tinder argued that younger users have less money. And less willing to pay than some in the younger group. This means a business can give a discounted price to someone based on their age, like OAP deals Is it possible to find love on a dating site fish and chips or railcards. There would also be costs of litigation. Age discrimination cases like this are very rare in Britain.

Compared to the case in California, proportionality of costs of litigation, chance of success and possible reward look much different. Claims to be the best free dating site and to have made 55bn matches. For free, you can swipe on someone you like and will be informed and linked up if they like you back. App where women always have to make the first move. Matching and messaging is free but you can upgrade your subscription. For free, you can view profiles, get matches, add friends, start chats, view events and communities. Free dating app that claims to have 3 million members logging in daily across several countries.

You can search and message people without having to match with them. The site claims a paid-for subscription will treble the of people viewing your profile and more than double your chance of meeting someone. For free, you can send up to eight likes a day and message someone you have matched with. More than 2 million people have found love through eharmony, the website claims. For free you get unlimited matches and some messaging. Users are matched by an algorithm after answering questions about the things they care about.

The standard service, which puts mutual likes in touch with each other, is free. Tells you who is nearby and you can connect with them for free. Online dating. Dating apps: is it worth paying a premium to find love? Dating apps can help you connect with potential matches — but are premium services worth it? Photograph: Getty Images. Robert Beck. Sat 24 Apr . Reuse this content.

Is it possible to find love on a dating site

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