Is verified locals a scam

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The Google Maps scam works like this: the pitch is your Google maps listing is not "confirmed" and will soon be removed from Google if it is not confirmed immediately. YouMail customers are protected from scammers and fraudsters. Definitely check out YouMail's online phone directory to validate if the caller's has negative reports or is from a known scammer. Get Protection from Local Maps Verification Scams The totally free service that stops over 1 million bad guys from ringing your phone!we'll text you a link to download YouMail. Phone. Get Started. What You Should Know. This scam targets small businesses with the intent of nabbing personal information and several hundred dollars.

The scam works like this: Someone calls and states they are updating or confirming your Google maps listing. The client or in this case potential victim is asked to press 1 or stay on the line. You are then greeted by an individual who is usually calling from an overseas call center, who asks Is verified locals a scam verify or confirm your Google maps, or Google business listing.

Remember, Google and other search engines does not call you to confirm your Google Places Maps listing. If you don't recognize thedon't take the call. If they are legitimate, they'll leave a voic and you can always call them back. If not, they'll hang up. Definitely try YouMail to block calls and eliminate scammers. We block the calls at the source.

Scammers will hear an "out of service" message and those fraudulent scammers will take you off their list for good.

Is verified locals a scam

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