Italian men like black women

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Prior to studying abroad in Rome, I did some research on why some African-Americans tend not to study abroad. According to the Institute of International Education, out of all the Americans that study abroad only 5 percent of them are black.

In fact, one of the reasons why African-Americans are less likely to go abroad is due to the cost. Furthermore, the stereotypes and culture of another country may deter members of the African-American community from studying abroad. First thing I noticed after being abroad for four months in Italy was all of the staring. Italians stare at me primarily because of my skin color not because I wear American clothes, have braided hair or appear extremely tall.

My skin color appears to just stand Italian men like black women in a predominantly white country. Therefore, as you can see, diversity is lacking within the city of Rome. The only people of color I usually saw were black men selling counterfeit goods near the touristy areas of Rome. In terms of who stares at me, most of my spectators are Italian men, women and children who grew up in this country thinking that those of African descent are beneath them in terms of social class.

During the first month of my time here in Rome, I received a couple of mean stares from men passing by as I waited by a bus stop. Therefore, after getting to know several locals who live in this city, many of them have mentioned that Italy has always been anti-immigration. In other words, some Italians are not exactly okay with people of color entering into their country. Lastly, in terms of why children stare at my skin color is beyond me.

However, no matter how many unpleasant stares I receive I would never let it bring me down. Every time someone stares at me, it gives me the opportunity to be confident in my skin color and just smile. Furthermore, I also wanted to mention the fact that even though Italian men give unpleasant stares some of them are quite sexual due to the fact that some are either curious or aroused by the fact that any black woman could possibly be a prostitute. Therefore, to clarify, in Italy, those who are of African descent but end up studying abroad or living in Italy are still subjected to the same stereotypes that have been set in effect by Italians.

Hence, one popular common stereotype of black women is being a prostitute. In fact, after digging into some research, some African women who are refugees from their home countries tend to sell themselves to make a living here in Rome as well as in other European countries like Spain or France. In addition, some of these young women could also possibly be victims of human trafficking as well.

So, for them, they Italian men like black women no choice but to comply. Therefore, if you are young woman of African descent that is planning to visit Europe, I would suggest that you do your research! The only thing you can do is stay positive and block out the negativity that stands in your way.

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Italian men like black women

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What It’s Like Being an African-American Abroad in Rome