Marriage instituted by god

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Print. The titles of these marriage forms indicate that the church deals with marriage as it relates to faith in Christ according to the Word of God. This is an important point. The implication is that we are not to look at the Marriage Form as a kind of law having the same value as Scripture. We know that Scripture speaks about marriage as an institution of God and we wish to hold on to that. Scriptural References to Marriage The first scriptural reference to marriage, Genesis ff. The man is not his own boss, neither is the woman her own boss. The husband is not the boss of his wife, neither is the wife the boss of her husband; the Lord is.

To be sure, as a result of sin in this world and in our hearts we as husbands and wives find in ourselves the tendency to boss each other. Therefore, as basis for a good marriage we need to know and acknowledge God as our Father, the Creator of heaven and earth, and in childlike dependence we must bow before the authority of the Creator of life. As Christians we are to take a stand against the contemporary notion that all kinds of institutions and practices in society have merely evolved during the course of history.

Many regard marriage as part of a certain culture. This is even regarded be a good development. He created mankind as two genders: men and women. There is sexual, biological, physical, but also psychological differentiation.

Men and women are to complement each other. Marriage instituted by god they make the whole man. Together they are image-bearer of God. They are predisposed to be complete in their relationship to each other and more importantly, together they are predisposed to be complete in God. Even though sin has darkened, destroyed and turned this relationship upside-down, we are to keep in view the original purposes of God in marriage.

In body and soul the husband and the wife are to be differentiated, but in soul and body they also belong to one another and complement each other. They are meant to complete one another as man. This institution of God which is characterized by a command is to Marriage instituted by god regarded as a creation order. This form is one of the liturgical writings of our churches.

It was composed before and together with the Heidelberg Catechism included in the edition of the Dutch Psalm book of Datheen. Various other writings and forms were consulted for the composition of this form, such as the old liturgy of William Farel and John Calvin. John Calvin, Genesis Vol. By Rev. John King Calvin's Commentaries.

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Marriage instituted by god

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