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What is Thai Massage? Thai Massage can be performed either on a massage table or upon a cushioned floor mat. Loose-fitting, comfortable clothing is worn by the client at all times, and no creams or oils are used. Relieves muscle tension and soreness Increases blood circulation, lowers blood pressure Helps detoxification of the body and boosts immune system Improves breathing Reduces stress and relieves anxiety Increases flexibility and range of motion Improves posture, balance and corrects body alignments Releases energy blockage and balances mind, body and spirit.

Father of Thai Medicine In the past, Thai Massage techniques were Massage east brunswick down from generation to generation orally within families as most people could not read or write. The formal manuscripts were written in ancient Pali by the Buddhist monks. Inmany of the manuscripts were destroyed by the Burmese invaders. The system consists of the following:. This offer is valid only for Massage Therapy treatments on both 60 and 90 minutes session.

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Massage east brunswick

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