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Sometimes it surprises me when I read all the negative stories, comments and forum posts about Thai girls. Or more precisely: About having a relationship with a Thai girl. They just shake their he in disbelief while sitting on the couch and reading through the latest Thai Visa thread, while their Thai partner is preparing the dinner.

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And second reason, believe it or not but most foreigners here have relationships with prostitutes. Whatever you call them, they have all one thing in common — they sleep or slept with men for money. The dream of every man moving to Thailand and also lots of tourists of course is to find a good Thai girl. And believe me, there are countless of such girls in Thailand — you just need to know where to look for them. Well, let me tell you first where you can not find them: In the nightlife. You will probably find yourself starting the next emotional forum entry on Thai Visa sooner or later.

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There are really only two places where you should look for good women that are good for dating, relationships and even marrying:. Be open and polite, give them smiles and try to start some sort of small talk if you can. Big tip that one. The next step then would be to ask her for her Facebook or Line ID. There are more than 2. But guess what, there are so many of exactly these types of good girls who have great jobs and who use Thai Friendly to find a foreign boyfriend.

Sure, maybe you meet a girl who really just started working in the bar a few days ago and you are her first customer, or maybe even a lady who has seen hundreds of white penises over the years and who is actually really nice, sincere and caring.

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But well, the odds are simply against you. If you go this route — good luck, but otherwise I would strongly recommend you to stick with the daytime game or my personal favorite, the dating site. The 2 Places to Meet Good Girls in Thailand There are really only two places where you should look for good women that are good for dating, relationships and even marrying: 1.

Online Dating Site There are more than 2. Where To Do It. Best Free Thai Dating Site. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy Contact.

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