Meet singles in grand rapids

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I have some single friends, and they are always telling me, "there's no place around here to meet anybody! Ahh yes, the Grand Lady, perfect for your Saturday evening! The riverboat is sick, and I mean that in a good way, you hop on the boat and its a two hour cruise with a full bar, and live music! Plus your stuck on a boat so no one can run away from you Now let me preface this It is important that you are committed to finding someone try go as extreme as Funky Buddha but let me tell you, you wont regret it! Funky Buddha yes is a yoga house, but its a "hot house" which means the keep the temps averaging at 95 degrees during the yoga sessions TONS of sexy yoga ladies and gentlemen, all decked out in spandex and sweat Its an amazing workout, while you get to meet new people and sweat off the booze you had at Hopcat the night before!

Let's get real local here guys and gals, Hopcat is awesome! How often do we go to a bar ready to let loose and meet someone and have it chalked full of 18 year old drunk chicks that wanna just dance all night and get in your way?

Well Hopcat is the perfect bar for your single needs, after 8pm no one under 21 is permitted at all, so you don't get stuck with those white trashy people that want to pack up the kids and go to dinner at the bar your trying to get drunk and mack on chicks at!

If your into running it also helps ya meet someone with similar interests to yourself! This will get ya in shape, and meet chicks, or dudes! Go on line, I reccomend, runmichigan. Alright sounds pretty cliche but let me tell you, with these new 24 hour gyms poppin up everywhere there are tons of opportunities here to meet single people that have similar schedules to you.

Try some where in GR like Anytime Fitness! There are so many all girl gyms, Anytime Fitness is opened 24 hours, and is coed! Plus its a good chance to check em out in there spandex shorts, or sleeveless tops! In. Listen Now Meet singles in grand rapids Jackie Published: June 27, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

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Meet singles in grand rapids

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