Miami chrome plating

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The leaders in restoration services of classic car bumpers and Metal parts as well as other vintage vehicles, bikes and motorcycles Plating, metal finishing and metal polishing We are masters of the craft. With over 17 years of experience in the industry. The Chrome Plating Shop was established in and has over 15 years of combined experience. Quality continues to be our one priority. We provide top of the line quality of service on every job.

Our work has been featured in custom and restoration shops around the state of Florida motorcycles, Classic cars ,Rat rods, have been awarded many trophy's and first place prizes. Over the past 15 years but most restoration shops who built these master pieces have not given us any type of mention or credit and have kept us in the shadows. So now we attend plenty of shows in Florida we promote our brand so the general public can meet us and do business with us directly. We make it easy for you to work with our company and receive a show quality finish. How can we help you get your job completed?

To ensure you are receiving the best quality plating job possible. The chrome plating process is a method of applying a thin layer of chromium onto a substrate metal or alloy through an electroplating procedure. In simple terms, electroplating Miami chrome plating achieved by passing an electric current between two electrodes which are immersed in an electrolyte bath comprising of chromic acid. One of the electrodes will be the substrate which is to be plated. During the flow of electricity between the two electrodes, chromium atoms are deposited in a layer on the electrode to be plated.

We offer complete repair of Metal components dings and dents, straightening, welding, professional polishing, and a variety of finishes such as re chroming, steel and pot metal. We re chrome your grills, guard, moldings, aluminum as well as polish Miami chrome plating steel. We sell bumpers call and ask if we have them. Chrome plating decorative. Polish stainless steel. Cooper plating. Metal polishing. Plating stainless steel. Plating on bronze. Metal buffing. Antique refinishing. Plastic chrome. Black chrome. Gold plating. Nickel plating. Satin nickel. Brass polishing.

Re chrome. Chrome plating wheels. Sand blasting. Stainless steel polishing. Antique Classic Automobiles. Street Rods. Specialized Hardware Projects. Thanks for submitting! The Plating Shop. About Us. View More. More Services. Call Us. We offer our specialized services for your:. Get an instant Estimate by calling us now. First Name. Last Name.

Miami chrome plating

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Chrome Plating in Miami, FL