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African American men and women spend billions of dollars on their hair, but black owned beauty companies are missing out. Mintel values the black …. I love women but, man, they drive me crazy with the blistering hot showers, using too many words to make their point, and driving sooooo slow. But have we put so much emphasis on the …. And why does, taking it to the next level, mean marriage? Finally, if your relationship is good, why not leave it …. Life it too short to wait for the ideal person to come along, sometimes you have reach out and poke someone!

And do you think women …. Many people afraid of change while other move every years. Why do you think moving is important and how many cities and countries …. Where you lonely and sad? Or where you cool not being booed up for Christmas and …. Have you put off starting a business to focus on your relationship? Are you happy with that decision or do you regret it? Sometimes we forget just how amazing we are! Do men need help with their dating etiquette? Some people have had the marriage, children, boyfriends, etc. They go out on …. Some of you are excited about taking your new partners home because you have open-minded parents and a cool family…but many of you are already ….

Do you approach the perpetrator or your friend or relative? Are men more likely to tell than women? Nearly every single person has met someone they ended up dating or marrying online or through a dating app. But dating online has its risk, like being catfished. Share your story about haunted houses and ghosts, you might change my mind or at least scare the crap out of me!

I intentionally produce this show for the week of Halloween to talk about the monsters who are abusing and killing their partners. Have you ever met someone who looked great on the outside but when you saw their dirty car or filthy home it turned you off? Share your most memorable Funk story! Are you ready to move to another city or country? And tell me what cities are the best and worse for jobs, schools, weather, cost of living, and …. Not counting some kinds of skin cancer, breast cancer in the United States is— The most common cancer in women, no matter your race or ethnicity.

The most common cause of death from cancer among Hispanic women. The …. Now, for the first time in Michael baisden dating website, there are more single people then married. What do you think is the ideal age to get married? People get set in their ways, have children out of wedlock and experience a lot of headache and heartache dating …. And the impact can last a lifetime. Being …. Not only will the child be a constant reminder of ….

We were all moved when the brother of Botham Jean asks permission to hug the former Dallas police officer, Amber Guyner, but we were moved Michael baisden dating website …. Your health impacts your quality of life in terms of having energy to do things, sex ….

Having a woman be submissive is not something that should be negotiated and Michael baisden dating website, not for a responsible, mature, and hardworking man. Either the …. Have you had on a boss that was Racist, misogynistic, chauvinistic, cheap, unqualified to boss, took credit for your work, alcoholic, addict, or too …. Deciding to marry someone with children should not be a decision made without serious considerations.

Should you break up with someone face to face? What about in public? If they make a scene that can be embarrassing…or even dangerous. And how did …. Never in my 20 plus years of writing and talking about relationships have a heard so many complaints about dating, from men and women. What is going on in society that has caused so many people to complain about the …. Women today are taking better care of themselves, look better, more energy, more confidence, more sex drive. And women over 40 are being approached more often by men under I know some women will ….

People who are confident want to see …. There's nothing more unattractive than insecurity. It can damage and destroy an otherwise good relationship. The remedy for insecurity is simple, be honest with youThere's nothing more unattractive than insecurity. Did you have to overcome adversity, dream killers, cancer, disability, mental and physical abuse, and self-doubt? Relationships cause the highest levels of stress. Not to mention judgmental family members, dramatic friends, and ….

Ladies, how do you feel about paying for dates? Have you seen the devastation in the Bahamas? What are you, your organization or church doing to help? But the other reality is your patience for B. Podcasters use the RadioPublic listener relationship platform to build lasting connections with fans. Home Explore Podcasts Search Download the app. All Episodes. February 28th, Is your relationship, friendship, family, or job making you mentally ill? February 20th, February 14th, February 11th, Are you experiencing more racism at your job, school or community because of President Trump?

Can being fired be the best thing to ever happen to you? And The Worse Boss? January 25th, Would you dump your partner for not eating healthy or working out? Or Are You The Snooper? Would You One? January 16th, Have you been in love with someone so deeply that you ignored all kind of crazy -ish?

Should Moms Dress Less Provocative? January 10th, January 9th, Fellas, what do you love and appreciate most about the woman in your life? What obstacles did you have to overcome to have a great marriage? December 26th, Are you willing to travel, go out to dinner, and go to the movies alone? December 18th,

Michael baisden dating website

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