Names for sexy men

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What are the hottest names that men have? As in the ace of spades. Whoever wears this name is usually as sly as the hero in an old western movie. Alec is a great name to use instead of the same old, worn out Alex. It changes it up and gives a new perspective on the name. Therefore making it extremely hot! Either way this is a fantastic and smooth sounding name. Whoever is named Angelo must be an angel….

Anthony is a classic name, but can be broken down into steamy nicknames like Tony. Like the God himself. Greek names are always a-ok in our books! Aiden has been increasingly popular in the last six or seven years and we know why! Short, sweet, but extremely sexy. This name is just so out of the box and unique. It has a certain charm to it. Do you know Dr. Have you seen how hot that guy is? Fitting for a man willing to go to any length for his love. Just picture him. Tall, dark and handsome. It fits, right? As in the super villain from The Dark Knight. Oooh that sexy voice of his!

Bates Motel has become a national treasure in the last four years. However, no one wants to name their kid after the pyscho main character Norman. But Bates has a nice ring to it. A very sexy ring actually. It works pretty well Names for sexy men Panic! Perfect for any sweet and kind gentleman. Fitting only to those full of passion and fire in their hearts. Switch it up from Branden and try out Braden instead. Much, much cuter. An English of orgin name, but perfectly fits any hot guy out there! A nordic name for any strong, intelligent man.

Clinton is one of the classiest names for hot guys there ever was! Cole means dark as charcoal. Smoking hot like charcoal, too. This name stands for someone who is wise. Corbin is a sophisticated latin name. Perfect for those spiritual guys who still stun the world with their good looks, as it means priest. A beautiful name for someone buff and beefy. Callan translates into the word rock! Cato means intelligent. Perfect for someone with brains and brawn.

An Irish name with a truly sexy vibe to it. A beloved name that, quite literally, means beloved. Derived from the name Demeter, who is another sexy greek God. Daxon means leader and truly makes a great leader out of anyone who wears the name proudly. Means one who tames. He sure can tame us any day with a spicey name like that! Let us not forget the sexiness that was Declan from Degrassi when we were younger, okay. A little naughty, too. Ever watched The Vampire Diaries? Damon is the hottest vampire in fictional history.

Dion means the son of zeus and we all know the kids zeus produced are of God and Goddess status. Saying this name aloud just makes me have to fan myself every time. A german name for strength. Perfect for a strong, sexy man. A powerful name for any powerful dude. Ellis is simple but very strong at the same time. Is he built like a tree? Then Elon is the name for him. Felix means to be the lucky one.

Therefore those who are usually called by it are lucky with their good looks! Fritz is off the hook and should be the name of every gorgeous man there is. Foster is a fairly uncommon name. I mean come on, Francisco is Names for sexy men classic name with a studly twist to it. An oldie, but a goodie. Usually short from Fredrick. Perfect for horse lovers as it means friend of horses. Men who love animals are the hottest. Fernando means a bold, adventurous journey. Perfect for a man well endowed with good looks. Fergus is totally hot, ask anyone. Like the steamy, hunky, good looking romance novel character Fabio.

Finn is a sleek name perfect for anyone with a sleek look. How can you gauge how hot Gage is? See what Names for sexy men did there? Like the intelligent Italian physicist himself. A stern sounding name, but definitely meant for a sexy body!

A sexy name with an Italian feel to it. Giles sounds like a guy who is super smart and extremely athletic at the same time. It means joy and happiness. Which is what anyone who has this name surely feels, right? Grant is a classy name for a classy guy. A sturdy name, meant for the sturdiest of people to wear. A perfect spelling of a classic name. It makes it so much hotter with the Y in there!

Just plain out sexy sounding. Nothing more to it. Harris sounds like a sweet name and is usually given to people with the best genes. A sexy, French way to spell Henry. Please, let us know. Just a nice name to say and will fit a nice kind of guy. Another spicey Roman clan name. Hale translates into describing a nook or a hollow. Like the very super sexy, very much missed actor Heath Ledger. The son of Zeus himself. A warrior among Gods and humans both. Hot, right? Hollis is not usually seen on an attractive man.

Originally a surname, but we demand it becomes a first name, ASAP. A shakespearean name for hot men everywhere. Perfect for a strong country boy. Remember drooling over him? We sure do. Another biblical name that comes with super sexy feeling to it. Short and to the point, but utterly attractive any how. The best I name there is out there for cute guys! Get it? Ivor… Wow, we love this name. Jayden is popular, but is Jaden? No, not really. Therefore get the jump on this awesome name before it takes off. Jax means god has shown favor and we agree.

Usually a jax has been shown favor in the looks department. Much hotter than Jonathan or John. A very well known name, but usually attached to a hot guy. An even sexier way to elongate Jax. Very, very unique and totally for a pretty boy! Want to stick to the basic names? Then Jeffrey is for you. A tough sounding name for a tough looking guy. Another hot guy name made for people who want to stay in their comfort zone. Like the hot British butler name. Jonah just rolls around nicely in your mouth. Another bible name, but way sexier this time.

Names for sexy men

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