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As one of the most popular destinations in South Africa, Durban adventure tours are a must for anyone wanting to enjoy year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches and a vibrant culture. Durban is also a hot-spot for adventurists, with plenty of activities to suit just about every taste — from hardcore thrills such as shark diving and skydiving all the way through to the more sedate pastimes such as hot air balloon trips. Whatever floats your boat, try….

Whatever floats your boat, try one of these outstanding adventure tours and get your thrill on! Here are some of the biggest reasons to consider planning an adventure tour in Durban:. Please do not fill-in this field. less Map Accommodation. Adventures in Durban. Two hours south of Durban is the spectacular Oribi Gorge - a place of cliffs, waterfalls, forests and hiking trails.

Where there are cliffs, there is sure to be abseiling. Strapped safely into a climbing harness and hanging off a high cliff gives you the most incredible view of the area. Acrobranch in Durban - Adventures. Tarzan swings, walkways, acrobungy and zip lines are some of the challenges that awaits you on an Acrobranch Adventure.

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Deed as the ultimate treetop experience, Acrobranch offers an obstacle course that appeals Feeling the call to head for open spaces and freedom? An adventure biking holiday in Durban with one of our highly professional biking outfits will feed body and soul. This is an experience that will invite Aerial Cable Trail - Durban Adventures. Aerial cable trails take you up into tree canopy and see you whizzing along from one secure platform to another on the steel-cabled zip lines.

Gliding between boughs and between One of the most amazing things about towns in South Africa is that you are never far from an adventure surrounded by the most incredible natural beauty. Spend a morning on a Beach Horse Ride in Durban and you will know exactly what we are talking about! Feel the wind in your hair as you canter down Boat charters are not the exclusive domain of the rich and famous.

Feel like a celebrity when you lounge on the trampoline of a foot catamaran sipping a margarita. Experience Durban as you've never seen it before Boat Trips in Durban, South Africa. Whether you fancy a comfortable scenic trip around Durban Bay on a luxury sailing cruise, a fishing charter trip, or you want to head out into the waves looking at whales and dolphins, you will find a boat trip to suit your needs.

Adventure, fun, scenery or just Although canoeing and kayaking seem like the same thing, the sports differ considerably.

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When canoeing, the paddler either kneels at the bottom of the boat or sits on a raised seat. They use a paddle with a single blade on one end.

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Picture traditional dugout canoes as made by many indigenous groups Canopy Tours in Durban. Clay Pigeon Shooting in Durban. Trying to hit a target is a basic instinct probably inbuilt from our days of having to find our own food and shooting at an inanimate object can be quite addictive Cycle through the city of Durban on an escorted bicycle tour. Cycle tours are fully guided, and funky retro cruiser bikes and all other equipment are supplied.

When you are next in Durban on pleasure or business, why not take a break and head out into the Indian Ocean for some great sun-tropical deep sea fishing. Durban is a safe and easy harbour to launch from to get out to the where the big fish are. Deep sea fishing from Durban also offers some Durbs, as it has long been affectionately referred to in South Africa, is a swirl of colour and coolness and golden beaches.

The best place to experience the rich flavours of this vibrant Indian Ocean city is to walk, run, rickshaw ride or roller-skate or use any non-motorised form of transport you Doing a gorge swing feels less daunting than bungee jumping but is no less daring. In its favour, gorge swingers are secured upright in a full-body harness and are not bound by the feet ankles.

A gorge swing is like a being on a giant playground swing - only you start from the top of the swing and accelerate Guided walking tours in Durban: Even before the first European settlers arrived and then founded the settlement of 'Port Natal' inthe Durban area had been inhabited for thousands of years.

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This harbour city has a colourful history with Zulu, Indian and British influence on the culture, There is just no better view than the breath-taking vistas that open up before you on a helicopter Flight from The City of Durban! A helicopter flight truly is the best way to experience the Durban Coastline and the beautiful Valley of a Thousand Hills. After feeling like you could touch the sky From romantic beach horse rides at sunset and champagne-breakfast rides to trails that meander through sugarcane fields and coastal forests, the Durban region has a wide variety of settings for enjoyable out rides.

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Trails range from one to a few hours long and are tailored to your skill level and experience There are multiple hot air balloon launch-sites near Durban in Kwa-Zulu Natal. You can choose your backdrop from the jagged peaks of the Drakensberg to the bucolic hills of the Midlands. You can even do a balloon safari over a game park. All options will be Kitesurfing is an exciting sport that sees a large power kite paired with a surfboard for an all-action wave-riding experience. Kitesurfing is an entertaining spectator sport as kitesurfers surf and jump waves.

If you're keen to try kitesurfing, head to Ballito - a coastal town about kilometres From here you can depart on scenic microlight flights, up the north coast past Ballito as far as the Tugela mouth on a nice day. For those of you who have never flown in a microlight, here is an activity that you must certainly With its pleasant sub-tropical climate Durban is an ideal motorcycling destination. Tours cater for a broad range of biking skill from beginner For a passionate love affair with the blue skies of Durban, our operators on a Paragliding Adventure.

Smooth ridge conditions and amazing views make Durban an excellent training Make like a Marine and run face forward down a vertical face.

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This is rap jumping, a sport that sees your strapped into a full-body harness for a controlled descent down a cliff, building or other man-made structures. The name 'rap jumping' is deceiving because you don't actually jump. View our list of rappelling operators in Durban - Dirty Boots. River rafting in Durban, South Africa. River rafting is a classic adventure activity and there are several navigable rivers near Durban.

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Most operators are based on the Umkomaas River which is conveniently located between Naughty adults having fun ocean Natal friends and Pietermaritzburg and provides conditions for some of the best white If your week nights are spent climbing in the indoor climbing gym, get your hands on rock over the weekends.

There are a of high-quality sandstone faces for excellent rock climbing within minutes of the city of Durban. The rock formations of the Shongweni Dam and Game Reserve make for Rope courses are no longer about climbing a cargo For a different perspective on Durban, take a scenic flight and rise up out of the busyness of the city to see the yellow sands of the famous Golden Mile beach from above and the spectacular coastline beyond.

Or leave the greys of the city-scape and head in the direction of the Valley of a hills As well as a fab and fun dive in uShaka Marine World, you can do a PADI dive course in Durban, learning in nice warm tropical water, or you could do a dive charter into the bay - or further south to Aliwal, or north to the coral reefs of Maputaland. Durban is a city centred around the ocean, and diving Start off at the Moses Mabida Stadium, where you explore this KwaZulu-Natal icon before you segue into the rest of the tour and ride your Seqway out of the stadium and down to the Durban beachfront.

A tandem skydive enables you to experience the exhilaration of free fall with no experience at all. Just outside Durban, you can enjoy this adrenaline-filled adventure with a qualified tandem jumpmaster who will make all the decisions while you exit the plane and enjoy your second free fall. Armed with only a mask, snorkel and fins, you can observe an underwater extravaganza in the tidal pools of Durban's beaches in KwaZulu-Natal. From Scottburgh to Zinkwazi, these beaches are favoured for easy access to pools at low tide, good underwater visibility and abundant sea life.

Imagine riding a horse across an almost deserted beach, the sun reflecting off the shallow water and your horse's hooves flicking up water.

Naughty adults having fun ocean Natal friends

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