Online dating double standards

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As someone who just tried Match. I truly believed that I could meet a guy on there that I liked, and would date, for a while because here in SF, I know other people who have ed Online dating double standards honestly just wanted to break out of their Online dating double standards set of friends. I went on several dates, and really clicked with one guy…Clicked so well, we went out of several weeks.

Turns out he, and 3 of his friends, ed Match. Meeting women and hooking up. One of these 4 guys had 6 match dates in 4 days and hooked up with 4 of the women. It was his dream. He is still on Match. The point is: online is no different than real life. Regardless of the quality of men that you meet online, read our profiles, we dont not pull the same double standard BS you women do!

The topic of this post is women and their double standards in dating, not whether or not people online can be jerks. That is entirely irrelevant to the fact that women feel free to oppress men with double standards. When we meet a person we take the same chance that you women take in that relationship, she could stick around, or leave me for some one else, who knows!

The point of the subject is that the majority of women are so superficial and ridiculous in their filtering of men, they dont even get to the point of meeting those men in order to find out who they are! The majority of women have no concept of their won lack in beauty and also go shooting for the stars for men that will never be attracted to them enough to stay with them. If you had not filtered based on such ridiculous standards you might have actually met a guy who was worth while.

My bff is on match. There was one girl but we killed her. Otherwise everyone is interested. Even if you say you are not interested you are in fact, MORE interested than otherwise thought. I think its kind of sad. People should be allowed to the site and whore themselves out as a matter of speech to anybody on there that they so choose. Ya know? Go team. That would make him as desparate as they are. But despite my attitude, I have to admit that I have browsed okcupid and, waaay back in the day, friendster and myspace!

I believe it is all about new acquaintances, new hookups and fun. Learn to Pick Up Attractive Women! With the recognition of the web, virtually everything that man accustomed do outside his home, became accessible from his home: searching, grocery and even chemical analysis benindating. Search for:. Love Comments on comments: Un-loving Mr. Perfect March 10, Love Two reminders, then whether or not you can be friends with an ex who was originally a friend March 10, Girls are willing to try match. This defies logic but that has stopped me from believing it….

Desperate ones? Guys who work hours a week and have no time to find people in the real world? Guy who just want another method to find hook-ups? Is that why these girls are doing it? Of course not. We are sensibly exploring another avenue to connect with men we might otherwise miss in this madcap world.

We are recognizing and embracing the progress of social media as adapted for the dating process. We say. This is wrong — wrong and sexist and illogical. Should men shop at T. Maxx because of the incomparable deals on name brand clothing?

Of course. She does — maybe just the slightest thought on odd days when the moon is waxing, but she thinks it. You may also like No related articles found. And with friends, comes honesty. Just my 2 cents. Orrrr perhaps some women are just doing it to find random hookups. Keep blogging! Do you have anymore articles similar to this? Leave a comment Cancel.

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Online dating double standards

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The Dating Double Standard I Didn’t Know About