Patrick fugit dating megalyn echikunwoke

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Megalyn Ann Echikunwoke is an American actress best known her appearances in numerous film and television productions. More so, ever since she started her acting career inEchikunwoke has gone on to build quite an impressive name for herself in Hollywood. In what started out as a rumour, their relationship was later confirmed by both parties and became the subject of many entertainment gist and gossip.

Despite being born in Spokane, Washington D. So, technically, Megalyn has royal blood flowing through her veins. Her father is also notable as a survivor of the Nigerian Civil War that broke out in Onigwe was severely wounded in the war and as a result of the gunshot wound he suffered, he contracted hepatitis B. He died in from complications of liver cancer just before he could round off his law degree. Laurie is believed to be of English, Scottish and Irish ethnicities. Following the death of her husband, she singlehandedly raised Megalyn and her siblings.

The actress has two siblings — Miki and Misty Echikunwoke. She was raised alongside her siblings in the Navajo Indian reservation located in Chinle, Arizona. Not much is known about the whereabouts of her siblings and mother. Possibly because they are not as popular as Megalyn. In fact, she has been spotted a couple of times with her daughter gracing red carpets at various occasions.

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Chris Rock and Megalyn image source. The award-winning comedian was still reeling from the pains of his devastating divorce from his ex-wife- Malaak Compton-Rock when he met Megalyn. The actor admitted openly to have been unfaithful to Malaak during their marriage. He also indicated clearly about his struggles with pornography.

The couple occasionally spoke about the blissfulness of their relationship when questioned by the press. The lovebirds began having some trouble when the issue of marriage started coming up in their relationship. Rock had maintained an indifferent stance regarding the subject of marriage ever since his divorce from his ex-wife was finalized in which, according to hearsay, caused a rift between Megalyn and him. Following a series of misunderstanding that trailed the relationship, the duo decided to call it quits after four years of being together.

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From all indications, the comedian turned television star took the decision to end the relationship. This has been confirmed by sources close to the couple who are of the opinion that the talk of marriage and pressure that accompanied it was the main reason why they split.

It seems Rock has not gotten over his messy divorce from his ex-wife. However, the comedian is not the only one who has suffered from a broken relationship as Megalyn has had her fair share of pain in love too prior to dating Rock. It was gathered that Echikunwoke was in a relationship with Patrick Fugit. Sadly, the relationship which began in ended abruptly in Before the emergence of Fugit, not much is known about the other guys the talented actress has been romantically involved with in the past. A, wearing what looked like an engagement ring. She further added that the supposed engagement ring was just a pearl and not a diamond ring.

So what changed after 4 years? Guess we would find out soon enough. Other than that, there were not many controversies that trailed the relationship. In fact, both Chris and Megalyn kept the intrinsic details of their love life to themselves.

The only thing the media caught was pictures of them going out to fun places and attending award nights. Echikunwoke remains single and unmarried at the moment. It is expected though — seeing that she just came out of a relationship. Furthermore, in a bid to clear the air surrounding her love life, Megalyn has never been married in the past. As of now, the American actress is focused on pursuing her acting career and achieving more feats. in.

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