Prescription drug addiction forum

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The site for substance use disorder prevention and mental health promotion professionals and volunteers. Addressing opioid misuse and abuse is a state priority. Prevention strategies are being implemented throughout the state at local, county, and state levels, across the Continuum of Care that influence multiple domains and risk and protective factors. Here Prescription drug addiction forum a list of some state-wide initiatives focused specifically on prescription drug and opioid misuse and abuse:.

Community library - opioids and prescription Prescription drug addiction forum Post a new document Who can I contact for more information about opioid misuse and abuse prevention? Hughes hca. In Now. Search form Search. Opioid misuse and abuse prevention Tobacco use prevention Underage drinking prevention. Contractor fiscal and billing Communication strategies: Guidance and tools Discussion Forum Statewide projects Minerva.

Excellence in prevention strategy list Introduction to prevention Planning frameworks Community Library. Best practices toolkit Prevention and mental health news Definitions and foundations. Local, regional and state prevention contacts State prevention organizations National prevention organizations. Home » Opioid misuse and abuse prevention. Opioid misuse and abuse prevention.

Prescription drugs opioid pain killers, stimulants, and depressants are medications legitimately prescribed by doctors to treat a variety of health problems. However, when misused or abused, they can be just as dangerous, and even deadly. In fact, in recent years, the abuse of prescription painkillers has resulted in more deaths than cocaine and heroin combined Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Painkiller use by youth in Washington State: Approximately 3, students in 10 th grade report using painkillers like Vicodin, OxyContin or Percocet to get high in the last 30 days Healthy Youth Survey Twice as many, approximately 6, students in 10 th grade, report misusing someone else's prescription in the last 30 days Healthy Youth Survey What is Washington doing to prevent opioid misuse and abuse?

Community enhancement grants — provide funding opportunity to community based organizations statewide to implement prevention services. The goal is to increase the knowledge and skills of community practice providers who treat patients with chronic pain. Safe Storage Curricula and Training - Innovative pilot project to integrate prescription drug misuse and abuse prevention education with existing state services that parents and caregivers receive.

Prevention Workforce Enhancements - support annual Washington State Prevention Summit and Spring Youth Forum to increase availability of education opportunities for youth a prevention professional on opiate misuse and abuse. Analysis of Evidence-Based Practices — Through a contract with Washington State University, conduct analysis of current selection of evidence-based practice with outcomes in the most salient factors related to youth misuse and abuse of prescriptions drugs to include opiates to be used in implementation of prevention services. Media campaigns. Community library.

Community library - opioids and prescription drugs Post a new document. Who can I contact for more information about opioid misuse and abuse prevention?

Prescription drug addiction forum

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