Quaker dating system

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The Society of Friends has kept its own distinctive and detailed records sincewith Quaker dating system earlier system from but there are very few records surviving from those early years. Milligan and Thomas should be consulted for a detailed discussion on Quaker records and further references.

Quakers used their own system of dating described in the next section. Quakers objected to the use of names of days and months which were derived from pagan gods, thus always used s, for example Saturday 27th of March would be spoken as 27th 3rd month To distinguish the two s in writing, Quakers often used Arabic numerals for the day and roman numerals for the month, so this would become A complication arises prior to when the English year began, not on January 1st but, on March 25th.

In early records March was the 1st month but from March became the 3rd month see chart below. When transcribing from early records the researcher needs to remember to double date which occur in the period January to March 24which effectively lap over into what we call the next year. When we now apply the Quaker s instead of names, 24 Jan would have been written Note that not all countries made this change from the Julian to the Gregorian Calendar in Catholic countries of southern Europe changed inScotland inand others at various times up to the 20th century Webb Quaker registers were the responsibility of the Monthly Meeting and are a joy to the genealogist as they are so detailed.

All known registers dating from the s were deposited with the Registrar General in the midth century, and summaries called Digests were made. One copy of each Digest was sent to its local congregation, which may now be at the county archives, and another to the Friends House Library.

The original registers, which contain more information as well as a few entries missing from the Digests, are in PRO series RG 6 with four latecomers in RG 8. Other registers which have come to light since have found their way into Friends House Library or county archives and some remain in private hands.

Quakers continued to record births untildeaths until and they still record marriages, and many of these later registers are also held by the PRO and may be an easier source to use than civil registration. Quakers do Quaker dating system practice baptism and their birth registers were similar to post Anglican baptismal ones but with birth instead of baptismal dates, and can have more information such as witnesses names.

There is individual variation both within and between registers in what extra information is given and how it is written up, and many of the early registers contain retrospective entries dating back into the 16th century Chart To learn more about this course or other courses available from the Institute, see our website. We can be contacted at wiki genealogicalstudies.

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Quaker dating system

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