Quiz to see if he likes you back

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Up. Get Started. Up With Facebook. Up With Google. Does your crush like you back? Yes, all the dang time! Yes, a lot. Not really anymore. Of course! We talk and laugh together all the time. Yes, every now and then. We did, but now we they seem kind of distant. Is that a bad thing? Whenever we're talking it's flirting. Low key, yeah, but they could've taken it another way. We don't talk too much anymore, but if we do then maybe. We've never talked.

Senario: Your in a group of peers and your crush just told a joke. I've never thought about it but. I guess, maybe, but wouldn't they do that for everyone? I don't know, it's never happend. Probably not. Yep, all the time. A while ago, but not recently. Yeah, i guess. Not really. Nope, single as a pringle. I don't believe so, but I'm not sure. Maybe but I think it's recent.

Does it seem like your crush finds reasons to talk to you? Yes, they always start very random convorsations with me. Yeah, but they're probably just being nice. Not for a while. Other than myself, no :. No, never. Yes, they're always blushing or stuttering!

Sometimes, when I laugh at their jokes. Not really but they're kind of shy. Do they ever talk about something impressive that they do? Play a sport or instrument, volunteer, ect Yes, it feels like they're constantly trying to impress me. Yeah, they brought it up kind of randomly too Is that a good thing? Yes, they've talked to me about their interests before. Do they ever open doors for you, or pick up objects that you droped, ect.? Yes, every time, even if they're not really close. If they're close to me, then yes, every time. Sometimes, but not as often anymore.

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Quiz to see if he likes you back

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“Does He Like Me” Quiz (Really Works!)