Re i miss you and would like to be friends

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Missing your best friend can make you feel hollow from inside. Sometimes it is even worse that missing someone you love. Let your bestie know how much you are missing him or her. Sweet quotes, cute greetings, funny handmade notes or maybe even a handwritten letter — rant and offload your emotions. If nothing else, maybe destiny will hear your pain… and give you yet another chance to relive all the happy memories that friendship has given you.

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I miss you. The awesome times that we had, made everything so rad.

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But now I am going mad, missing you makes me sad. When you are not here, even seconds seem like days. Even the sight of an extra cup lying across the table makes me smile… because it reminds me of the time when you were here. Maybe life had other plans for you and me… I miss you. That is how I feel without you because since you have gone awaythere is nothing to Like in my life.

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You may have gone away but our friendship is right here… in my heart. First it was full of happiness and now it is drowning in melancholy. There is no point of going through this rigmarole, because life without friends is like living without a soul. I think about the way we shared, and for each other how we cared. I remember all the promises we made, I hope that our friendship never fades. Take my Facebook away, take my car away… just give me my friend back.

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And I have definitely passed the test because I miss you a lot. Please come back. Silence is all I can hear, since you are away from me. Rotting is all I can smell, bland is all I can taste. A life without friends… everything is a waste. Just like how terribly I am missing you, are you missing me? Instead of being so far apart, together, can we not be? I may have made acquaintances by the ton, but I still miss a friend like you… who is one in a million.

So much so, that your absence has left me dysfunctional.

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That, I always knew. But honestly, it sucks without friends like you. My heart is beating strangely, I am missing you terribly. I Miss You Messages.

Re i miss you and would like to be friends

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