Reasons why we should give thanks to god

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We'll send you an with steps on how to reset your password. In this autumn season, many people find themselves focusing more on thankfulness. But a look at Scripture reminds us that being thankful needs to be a foundation of our lives everyday. We can certainly express our appreciation to family and friends, for employment, pleasant experiences and new things.

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But the Bible clearly instructs Christians to fix our eyes on the Heavenly Father, the true source of every good thing in our lives. We can lift up our thanks privately anytime. Verses all through the Bible point us back to God as our Creator and Sustainer, and how we are to be a thankful people.

The list of things we could praise Him for is endless. But here are just a few reasons to give thanks to God all year long. Don't be surprised if more blessings come to your mind as you read these. In Scripturewe see those that received and embraced His unconditional love for them humbly and joyfully thanked the Lord for it.

He is still our Abba Father, who seeks relationship with us. His deep and abiding love should lead us to praise Him just like those we read about. From the earliest days of the Israelite nation, God has delivered His people from, and led them through, all sorts of trials and hardships. So, many s tell of people responding with gratitude for how God watched over them in challenging times.

Their trust grew stronger and led them to pray with expectation going forward.

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He wants us to recognize that He, and no one else, is our Provider, and to hear our response. King David and the disciple Peter are two examples in Scripture of men who were impacted by their sinful choices, and later received the forgiveness of God. Both were deeply changed in the process. Others with them in Scripture to express thanks for such amazing grace. We too can feel that lightening of our spirit, and respond with gratitude. Even before the Bible we know today existed, its teachings and truths were shared. Sometimes it spread by word of mouth, other times in written form.

But whatever way it reached people, the Word of God changed minds and hearts, and inspired gratitude in those that heard it. Today, most of us are immensely blessed to have access to the whole Bible. On any given day, we can be impacted by the life-renewing power within its s.

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God is pleased when we use this gift and thank Him for it. What Bible verse has made a difference in your faith walk? God created the earth for His pleasure and ours, and took great care in the process of making it. Every detail was intentional. We have the opportunity to appreciate God's handiwork as well. Looking up into a bright blue sky, sitting on the beach or a walk in the woods is a way to find refreshment and calm. The Apostle Paul often expressed gratitude for his fellow Christians, for the encouragement and support they gave.

He recognized that God was ministering to him through those believers, while giving them a chance to know the joy of serving the Lord.

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Feeling the power of community brought out praises. Most of us who belong to a local church family can agree that there is comfort and strength to be found in fellowship. We are given chances to serve each other and help each other grow closer to our Lord. The sound of thanks coming from a congregation sounds sweet to God. The Apostle Paul wrote repeatedly that the followers of Christ have been set apart by God. He taught that believers have the privilege and responsibility of growing in holiness and of ing the Lord in His work.

Paul also mentions God's plan for us to share in numerous blessings through what Jesus did on the cross: victory over the enemy, restoration with God and an eternal Kingdom to enjoy. In this age we are even closer to seeing the return of Christ. But whenever we do that, He gladly receives our praises. Studying verses about thankfulness will bring us to a place of humility, and a place of joy, and that is how God wants us to live every day. I will lift up the cup of salvation and call on the name of the Lord. Heather Adams is an author, speaker, and singer living in Connecticut.

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Reasons why we should give thanks to god

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Biblical Reasons To Be Thankful