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Are you in for a year full of great dates and new experiences? Looking to start a relationship blog or spruce up your existing one? They add fresh posts several times per month, which might not be too often. The Gottman Institute is not your regular blog about relationship.

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Drs John and Julie Gottman have been studying relationships for decades. They found their own concealing method and gathered tons of practical tools and knowledge on how to build a strong and happy family.

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As the name suggests, this relationship blog is primarily about marriage. There is still some less serious, more chill content, but generally, everything is centered around marriage. A great space for the right audience. Go check it out if you are interested.

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This is a super popular online resource that features one of the best relationship blogs out there. Psychology Today is different from many other sites because everything they share is either centered around, or backed up by a legit psychological knowledge. There are also many posts about relationships, personal stories, and not-so-deep easy read content. Can you think of a topic that is NOT on Reddit yet? Yep, me neither. A very convenient and organized layout combined with tons of entertaining pieces makes it a worthwhile place to check out.

How cool is that? This is a dating site for more spiritual and religious people.

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Very decent, very kind, moderate, but still quite interesting. We found a few amazing topics that are unique for dating blogs, such as eco-friendly dates ideas. Ever seen it in the relationship blogs? Go check it out. A very different approach to online dating, but it actually works for many people.

Anyways, they also have a blog, which is quite nice. It features many entertaining topics and incorporates some practical pieces of advice. We hope you enjoyed our post. You might not find each of these sites useful, but there is definitely something for every reader. What relationship blogs do you like to read? Let us know in the comments below!

Relationship blog sites

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