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Explore Perth nightlife, from dance and comedy clubs to party lounges and other late-night parties with locals. Despite being relatively small, Perth is a great place for nightlife in Western Australia. In general, the nightlife culture is very similar to the one in UK. The young generation loves to follow trends in America and their nightlife culture. When in Perth, you can discover all kinds of nightlife. The city offers everything from Sexy Beach Parties, beach front clubs, big dance floors with all types of world class music as well as traditional Australian pubs and bars.

There is many influences from Maori culture form the New Zealand and also some traditions and features from South East Asia. Unlikely in other major Australian cities, Perth is a very safe place for nightlife. Perth is not a large city. Therefore Singles bars perth australia best nightclubs and pubs are concentrated on a small area. T here is no such type as typical Perth girl — all appearances and types can be found there. Also, There is also plenty of backpacking girls from AmericaCanada and Europe looking for their Australian man to be lucky with.

Please Note — success rate is very low as 0. There so many boys in ScarboroughMargret River and around Perth are waiting for just short term relationship with backpacking girls. But end up no partner visa. Many Europeans specially men might find Perth girls dressing up cheap or even slutty compared to Europe. Perth offers desirable and hot weather all year long. Moreover, local ladies like to show off their sexy bodies. If you go clubbing in Perth, expect beautiful ladies in beautiful dresses, showing a lot.

Men — Interesting thing about Perth men is that they have enough money to afford girls and all the fun which comes along. Due to the fact that Western Australia is full of natural resources, most men work in mining and have to spend majority of their time outside of Perth and they come back to the city ready to spend their money for drinks, entertainment and, of course, beautiful lady company. Men and boys are very good looking and in a good shape. Backpackers and overseas travellers are very welcome. Some men may be a bit over the sizes. But a load of money behind them, best time for backpacking ladies for free drinks.

You will need Australian driving or your passport in order to get into clubs. It is very strict, therefore make sure you always carry your ID with you. There is many world class and top quality restaurants in Perth. Thanks to the multicultural society, Perth offers of international cuisines with authentic food and great service as well. Outstanding revolving restaurant located on the 33rd floor in Perth City.

Best fine dinning experience in Perth. Situated on James Street, Bangkok Brothers is an interesting mix of a coffee shop, bar and a restaurant. The dining area invites you for a great range of dishes from Thai cuisine, as well as some live music in the evening. Invitation to a little bit of Indian cuisine — that is Sauma. The best Indian restaurant in Perth. Probably everyone has ever heard about Jamie Oliver, the famous British Chef.

Dishes are made of fresh ingredients, inspired Singles bars perth australia Italian cuisine and passion for food. Located in Mill Point Swan River, it is a perfect spot for a romantic dinner with your partner. This beautiful location offers stunning overviews over the Swan River and the waterfront.

It is situated on the north shore of the Perth Water and it represents the ultimate spot for dining, shopping and relaxing, all while enjoying the lovely harbour atmosphere and stunning views of the river and central business district.

Elizabeth Quay also treasures of world class restaurants and places to dine. Some of them are:. Bar and restaurant offering three levels of exceptional dining experience. You can host you event there, spend time on a rooftop bar with wonderful views or simply enjoy delicious dishes and original cocktails on the waterfront.

Again, combination of a restaurant, bar, event venue and outdoor dining space, all covered up with spectacular view over the city skyline and waterfront. The food incorporates local production and fresh ingredients to make your dining experience the best one you had in awhile. If you plan to have couple of drink after your dinner, you should definitely hit some bars of pubs. Perth is very rich in this area, offering you plenty to choose from. A very sneaky and cool bar located in North bridge. American style under ground Rum bar.

One of the best Caribbeans style under ground place with best Rum base drinks. C rown Perth is a popular casino — a top class convention centre with bars, hotel and gaming facilities, making it a great option to spend your time and have lots of fun along the way.

Very upper market place. Perth one of the best accommodations and entertainments provider. Waterfront bar Lucky Shag located on Barrack Square represents pleasant location with laid back atmosphere and allows you to back in the sunshine while sipping on some of their delicious cocktails. Located right on the Swan River, the Swan River Brewery is a historic venue and one of the best craft breweries in Australia. The brewery provides perfect and romantic views, lovely atmosphere and some of the best tasting beverages.

As per the Belgian tradition, cafe is a place for beer drinking. Self-explanatory, this place is mostly, but not necessarily, about beer which tastes simply delicious. Another pub situated on Murray Street. Brass Monkey is restaurant, bar and hotel located on James St in Northbridge. They serve tasty bar food and Australian cuisine and drinks which are an absolute delight. Bar and late night clubs. Big sexy dance floor available. Another pub located in Northbridge, this time on Lake Street. The Elephant Wheelbarrow is a venue with crazily cozy atmosphere, delicious imported beers and great food.

This pub is also known for being open til very late night. This casual dining place and bar is one of the most popular ones in the city. Here for a good time not a long time the Scarborough legend returns. The Lookout is a legendary beach side club and bar that has now returned for a limited time as a pop-up bar.

Great place for pool party with sexy Australians ladies and sexy surfing blogs. This fine place is like from a movie about beach party life and you will love it. Indian Bar is a popular old-school bar hosting live rock bands and having a bistro serving hearty pub grub classics. Caballitos located on Queen Street offers great variation of tequilas, margaritas and other drinks and cocktails as well as some fine tacos and Mexican food. A brilliant decadent bar where all the rising celebrities and fashion stars like to go to is located on James Street in Northbridge.

House music, tech house, techno, and deep house are topped with couches, soft carpets and lounges — perfect for some private moments. Abmar was voted the best nightclub in Perth multiple times since Located on Murray Street, it is home of the underground music and also a place to get a bit sweaty and dirty. Hot bodies are shoulder to shoulder and the tunes are on till late! Cocktail parties and functions are simply made to take place here!

The court has simply something for everyone. Original cocktails, drag shows and cabaret shows with great music and lovely ambience, all for a very reasonable price. The Hula Bula Bar situated in the heart of the city of Perth is an exotic place. Amazing club where your dreams come true. Penthouse is known for its strippers, topless service and beautiful waitresses like from the magazine cover.

Skimpy, topless or completely nude, Penthouse has it all. So what are you waiting for? Located on James Street, Air Nightclub offer ultimate nightclub atmosphere with great music, cocktails and world class DJs in a sleek 2-storey club bathed in purple light, with a dance floor and a balcony.

James Street in Northbridge is a place for another amazing place. Voodoo lounge lid up in purple and pink light is a fine cabaret and strip club Singles bars perth australia lounge with splendid entertainment options. Retro night club Mint is situated in James Street, Northbridge. For the free entrance, Singles bars perth australia before 9pm. The fresh atmosphere with 80s and 90s music and two bars is a old-school experience for every party goer. Offering exceptional entertainment in a smaller venue with live music and tasty drinks and cocktails, Universal Bar should not be missing on your bucket list.

Four features levels offer nine bars and the finest entertainment accompanied with top Singles bars perth australia and performers from all over the world. The stylish Villa Nightclub is situated on Stirling Street is a extremely versatile event and concert venue and place for live music and performances. Touring world class DJs, exclusive events, fashion shows, product release event and bumping music are only some of the entertainment Villa Nightclub offers. Come in for the right party atmosphere and chilled, yet hot environment. Hipsters from the entire city simply love this place with top live music, two bars and two dance floors.

There is also a function room, in case you want to have a private party. Devilles Pad is one of the most popular music venues in Perth. Located on Aberdeen Street, Devilles Pad is in a red light covered and Las Vegas inspired nightclub and bar supports mostly touring and local artists and and provides maximum experience during live performances. Hot bodies, steamy atmosphere and bumping hearts to the rhythm of the finest DJs creations, Eve Nightclub belongs to the most popular ones in the city.

Eve is situated in Crown Perth and proudly hosts top international DJs and artists from all over the world on a regular basis. Open air balcony and a huge dance floor should be enough reasons for you to pay a visit. Your Bartender is a company providing all possible service you might need while throwing your own party, product launch or a smaller get-together event. They provide with bartenders, catering, equipment and all the stuff and small details you can even think of to have the best possible event, all with highly professional attitude and perfect.

Street Wednesdays. Alcohol can be really expensive in and around the entire Australia and Perth is no exception. There are so many locally made wines, crafted beers, whiskeys and other types of alcohol which can be found in Perth. Wines — Some of the best wineries are found in Western Australia. The most popular and best quality wines come from Margaret River and Swan Valley. It would be a shame not to try some of their crafted delights!

Make sure you try the Australian iconic drink — Bundaberg Rum.

Singles bars perth australia

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