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September Boldly Bearcat. Sander Hall, once the highest point in Hamilton County, housed roughly 1, UC students from to It was imploded on June 23, Those who were there may remember it like it was yesterday, but in fact, June 23,marks exactly 25 years since the story glass tower that was Sander Hall, disappeared from the skyline on the southeast corner of campus.

It was a. It took roughly pounds of dynamite to bring down the eyesore that had sat empty for nearly a decade. While it may have boasted a magnificent view as the once highest point in Hamilton County, Sander Hall opened in and closed with good reason just 11 years later. The high-rise did not meet building codes and was considered both unsafe and too costly to upgrade. Perhaps the only memories that live on more vividly than the day of its demise are those of Sander's occupied years.

Over time, we've gathered many memories from readers who experienced the place firsthand, and we present those below. I lived in Sander Hall three years,and the last as an RA on the 17th floor. It was a great place to live and meet friends. I remember specifically when the Reds won back-to-back World Series how much we came together as a group to celebrate. I also remember when the movie "Roots" showed and the TV room area was packed. One funny item I was told, as were many, that when the building was constructed the windows were installed the wrong way.

As a result, it was hard seeing out at night but much could be seen from the outside in! The implosion on June 23, drew a huge crowd from the region to watch the second-highest building ever imploded. Steve Magas sent this classic image of the Sander RAs along with his best recollection of the people in the photo.

I lived in Sander freshman year,then returned as an RA for and One "moment" of many stands out. I was studying on a Sunday morning. The RA rooms were next to the trash chute, and my room on the 6th floor was right at the bend where the trash came down and changed course, or was slowed down, before making its way to the dumpsters. I stepped Tall sexy hung guy in cinncy of the room and there was this sandy, dusty stuff floating around in the air.

The smoke detectors then went off and we evacuated, as per usual. When they dumped that sand down the trash chute on Sunday morning, it smacked the bend at my room and sent up a cloud of dust that got everybody up and out the door! I was also at the implosion. A neighbor of mine worked for the construction company involved and got me a "back stage" pass. I took my 8mm video camera, and a large garbage bag because I figured there might be some dust. There had been warnings that week that there might have been asbestos used in Sander.

I watched it fall, and recorded it, from a fairly close perspective near the church. It was like Derby Day. Ladies were dressed in fancy clothes and hats. And when that thing came down, and that HUGE Tall sexy hung guy in cinncy went up and moved directly toward us, it was pandemonium. Everybody was racing around. I stuck the camera in the bag that I was very happy I'd brought with me. In a few minutes, I rewound the video and checked it out a few times to make sure I got it. Then I shot a few minutes of the aftermath.

Except, I forgot that I had rewound it before starting to shoot new scenes, so I taped over the great footage I got of the building going down. Fortunately, my sis knew a fellow who collected news footage and had him put together a VHS tape of all the news stories back to back so I got to see it from every angle later.

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Steve Magas, '79 Cincinnati, Ohio. I was one of the first residents of Sander in As I recall, the Student Senate had argued before the "co-ed" dorm was built that it would not, effectively, be suitable for human habitation.

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Sander certainly proved that to be true. How can I forget the almost nightly bomb scares that some fools called in to watch a thousand people in their jammies evacuate the building? After one cleared, my roommate, Randy Hoover, and I decided to run up the 20 flights of stairs to our suite. I thought I was going to die. And if anyone had a class on Monday afternoon, he had to leave an hour early because at least one of the three elevators was used for laundry, and another was inevitably out of service.

But the view to the south was spectacular! I think UC missed a fundraising opportunity by not raffling chances to push the detonator for the demolition. Louis, Missouri. I remember the day of the Sander Hall fire on the 6th floor I think that December day in It happened around lunch time, I was in my room on the 9th floor. It was finals time.

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The fire alarm went off and, as always, down the steps we went. Just then some guy ran up the stairs and said, "Hey guys it's a real fire, a girl just got through throwing a chair out of the window! Everyone left the lobby where the cafeteria was and went outside to the front. Sure enough there was a girl leaning outside her window with black smoke just pouring out over her head.

She was moving around but was leaning out of the window to the point that it looked dangerous. All that we heard was fire engines and horns all over the place. It was like all of Cincinnati Fire Department was coming from every direction! Then we all noticed two of the local TV news stations with helicopters flying around Sander Hall.

This was big news. The tallest dorm in all of Ohio was on fire!

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After some time, most of us left and went to the other cafeteria in Calhoun to eat lunch. Others went wherever because it was a little chilly that day. Soon, we were able to go back to our rooms later that day. Until the day that we all checked out, the 6th floor smelled smoky.

I liked Sander Hall and have very good memories of it. I lived in Sander Hall as an RA on 10th floor for three years. In the mid's, you were either a disco lover or a disco hater. My floor always held the best keg parties with the biggest party utilizing the cafeteria connected to Tall sexy hung guy in cinncy. We held a "death to disco" party. Yes, a real casket purchased at Smilen Sams at the bottom of Vine street.

Tall sexy hung guy in cinncy to see Disco really did die and rock and roll is still alive and well. Sander Hall, or "Sander Box" as I called it, presented a unique weight-loss opportunity for me as I took the stairs and lived on the 17th floor. I was informed that my roommate was determined using a computer program that matched us well. We became great friends with much in common and still are friends today.

I was a transfer student in and the floors were co-ed by suites, i. The walls were quite sound proof. It was interesting observing human behaviors during fire drills that sometimes happened late on weekend nights. Partying students had a difficult time negotiating the stairs to the ground.

I remember students canvassed the endless traffic flow of students in and out of Sanderbox to campaign for Jimmy Carter. I recall a Jimmy Carter peanut roach clip, an unusual souvenir of that era. The view was spectacular, my roomfaced downtown and I enjoyed it. It was really a nice dorm, convenient showers and ample space in the rooms. Memories of my time at Sander were during my freshman and sophomore years through Exam weeks were most always haunted by the very early morning fire alarms.

Being on the 11th floor, it took about 40 minutes to get out of the building and stand in the cold. Spring brought a welcomed view of the sundeck on the top of Daniels Hall next door. On the morning of the implosion, I waited to watch the event on TV at the scheduled drop time but there was a delay. I had to leave to open my pharmacy. I was heading to work east bound on I to Blue Ash. To my surprise, I saw the dust plume like a mushroom cloud rising from the spot where Sander once stood. I was an RA in Sander Hall during its 1st year.

We had bomb scares and false fire alarms there almost every week, sometimes several times a week. I remember how it got harder and harder to get the football players to evacuate the building. We were the first to live in Sander Hall in I was an engineering student, and Sander probably never had a chance from the start. When we first moved in, we were told there had been no occupancy permit issued on the building, and through some horseplay, we found out that there has a waterline leak many floors above our 15th floor suite.

Having rolled into the wall, it dished in rather easily, and we found the drywall was wet. We also noted that the 26th floor — the one with the great view — had all of its brand new furniture stolen within a few weeks of opening. We did have a great view.

Our suite looked out from the west narrow side of Sander, and we could see most of the campus. The real "story" I remember and retell is when we were returning from lunch one day, we got on the infamous elevators and had a full cab of about 15 people. But because the elevators were not always available, another group of people jocks! All told, another 13 got on good luck! I think the elevator was over capacity by about We asked some not to get on, because we knew we would be overloaded, but they didn't want to be separated, so they piled in.

Tall sexy hung guy in cinncy

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