Thai bar girl horror stories

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First of all, I must state the fact that I know several guys who have former bargirls as wives, and the ladies are exceptionally good wives.

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They cook, they clean meticulously, they serve their husband, and they put out an equitable effort to help their husbands in day to day life. They go to school to improve their English, and they complete their coursework for their level at a reasonable rate. They are full partners in a relationship. However, these are the exceptions to the rule. When it comes time to part ways, she takes all she can get and makes his life miserable, in a most ungrateful manner.

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When you're a guy in Thailand who starts talking with prostitutes, you find a few who say clearly that they do not want to do what they are doing, but they have no money, no skill, and few alternatives. You want to help, feeling that they've just had bad luck in life. Many of these ladies are quite pleasant and calm. Others have a lot of energy and hustle at what they do. Some even have considerable education, e.

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I'm an entrepreneur with 16 years of continuous self-employment and hiring people. I can always find something profitable for people to do in order to sustain themselves in society, including Thais from top to bottom. However, after several attempts at hiring university level ladies who asked me to hire them out of prostitution, and other freelancer down the skills scale, for anything from running messenger errands around town low educationto answering the phone and making simple phone calls medium educationto simple computer tasks university levelI now must agree with my predecessors in this regard -- you will almost surely get burned.

The following describes some of my experiences. However, I know a lot of good guys who have tried the same thing. The success of my associates is also pretty close to zero. We always offer them more money than what other Thais are eager to work for, wage levels and job descriptions that many self-disciplined Thais would consider fortunate to get. However, the freelance prostitutes fail to be nearly as reliable or do acceptable quality of service.

Fortunately, we usually don't even have to fire them. They just don't show up for work after awhile In considering "saving" a prostitute, guys lower their expectations for the lady's standard of work and professionality, and dramatically up the salary and fringe benefits. I am sure that there are some prostitutes out there who would do a good job if given an opportunity, and be very appreciative. However, they are a very small percent, and I haven't met them in all my years here.

If you want to know why the go-go bars are so strict and "cruel" by deducting a baht per minute for late ladies, and strict in enforcing that rule, this is why. As bar owners have told me, it's the only way to get them to work on time. Some companies have adopted this policy for professional employees, too.

First, they usually don't show up for work on time, if at all. Secondly, if they do show up, then they aren't as good a worker as others, and often do careless work. You care for them, but they don't care much for your business and your clients. Why should you care any more? In the end: You have wasted effort, money and precious time Your employees are laughing at you, the boss, for being a stupid farang but some of them also admittedly learned to be less foolhearty themselves Some things you expected to get done in your business did not Fortunately, thanks to some of my predecessors sharing their wisdom with me, as I am sharing my experiences with you, I myself did not lose heavily.

However, I know guys who tried to set up their former prostitute girlfriend in a business of their own and lost a LOT of money. Some have been successful, but they are just a very small percentage -- the exceptions to the rule. Far more commonly, the lady neglects to do what she says, spends the money irresponsibly "like there's no tomorrow", and sometimes outright scams the guy. Make up your own mind, but do listen, and look for the warning s.

Hearing many of their stories, I quickly see their mistakes from the start, and excuse them for being new to Thailand. On the other hand, I learned some painful lessons several times over in my 9 years here. Each time, I raised my threshold for helping people. I really don't like to be negative, and I hope that my experience was unlucky, but let me share with you my experiences. First of all, unlike some other foreigners, I don't tell ladies what they should do, or lead ladies too much.

I don't do that with anyone. For example, when I interview people for a job, I must see initiative from them, and I hire only those who express initiative. I am guilty of lowering my standards when it comes to helping a lady get off the street. I have also been wrong to believe that they would appreciate it and try to help me back. The same goes for some of my friends.

Let's go thru some of our experiences. I've changed the names to protect the not-so-innocent. Noot Noot was intelligent, street-smart and had a Thai bar girl horror stories of energy. She could speak Thai bar girl horror stories well, and could read and write it fairly well, too. She could do. Noot hung out at the open air beer bars but I never saw her flirting with men. She talked more with other women, a joker, and just watched people coming and going, with no interaction with men. She was a friend who was somewhat interesting to talk with, but not someone to have a sexual relationship with, and I made it clear that I did not have sexual interest in her.

She is quite pretty, nonetheless, but just not my type. She expressed that she didn't like going with men, but she could not do get a job to make enough money to support herself, her son foreign father long gone and she hated him and crippled father. She asked about me, and I explained my business with her.

She expressed interest in helping me, including stating some solutions to some problems I had. I was fairly impressed. She seemed perfect for a particular role. I just had street errands for her to do for starters, as her first test, but she was happy with that, as she needed a financial break.

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She had sold her mobile for needed cash but had an active SIM card, so I gave her an old mobile handphone of mine, and since she had only 78 baht credit, I also got a baht recharge card, and gave her a little bit of cash to eat and general expenses for several days. I figured it would take just one day to test her.

I told her to wait for my calls. I immediately sent her an SMS on the way home that night with a concrete task for the next day.

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That next day, at the end of the day when I had some time, I called her to find out how she'd done. She hadn't done the task, and didn't want to talk about the SMS. She just wanted to meet with me to talk more about the possibility of her working for me. What DID she do that day? She didn't have anything to report, and pressing the matter I found that she had just sat around at home. I sensed that she wanted to meet just to pressure me face-to-face for more money.

I've heard this before. Nonetheless, I had already invested too much of my own time thinking about her, and wanted some answers to some questions about her past. I'd jotted them down on a pad, preparing for an interview. I had nothing to lose, and if the interview went bad and she just asked for money then I'd get my phone back. I decided to meet at a quiet place outside the bars, and stated a specific place halfway, careful to pick a place where numerous air conditioned buses go and there were nice coffee shops.

It would be a 30 minute ride for her in traffic. However, then she complained about meeting me halfway. It was a cheap bus ride on a main route from her home, yet she complained about the taxi fare, and in a tone like she was seeking excuses not to go. She wanted me to come all the way to her. Then, while I was talking, she just started yelling at someone else, not giving me her undivided attention. I felt disrespected, and in response my tone got more disciplinarian, stating to her that if she wanted to work with me then she would need to be more professional.

Ten minutes later, she called me but I had moved back to working with my other employees and didn't bother to answer. Maybe her explosiveness is why her farang Thai bar girl horror stories left her for friend and now ex-friend. I still feel sorry for her, but she had her chance with me and she blew it.

Thai bar girl horror stories

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