Toxic girlfriend relationship

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It may be time to pay attention to some not-so-obvious toxic girlfriend s. Of course, it always helps to be aware of your part in making a relationship thrive or deteriorate. But sometimes, the fault may, in fact, lie with the other person. Spotting the red flags of toxicity in your girlfriend may not come easy.

What is a toxic girlfriend then? What defines toxicity in a relationship? You may wonder. Sometimes, seemingly harmless or routine behaviors can be indicators of a toxic person. As far as relationships go, there are few things more damaging than ending up with a partner who brings toxicity to the equation. Given that there is no handbook or crash course on how to be the ideal boyfriend or girlfriend, we all tap into your lived or perceived experiences to navigate the maze of relationships. If these experiences are far from ideal or healthy, toxicity in a relationship can take hold.

The process of undoing this damage begins with learning to spot and call out toxic behavior. It is the first step in learning s of a toxic person in your life. So, if you constantly feel pushed to a corner in your relationship, keep an eye out for these 21 not-so-obvious toxic girlfriend s:. Psychologist Dr Riddhi Golechha says one of the first s your girlfriend is toxic is that the relationship feels like a one-way street.

But perpetually fails to meet the standards she has set for you. This is characteristic toxic female behavior that can throw your relationship in a constant state of flux and unpleasantness. Honesty is an important component of any healthy relationship. However, a toxic girlfriend can never be completely transparent. And then, may go out shopping with her girl gang. Whatever her justification, know that lying between romantic partners is never a good. It inevitably snowballs into more problematic patterns that take a toll on you. Lies and dishonesty, no matter how harmless it seems, are among the most telling s of a toxic person in a relationship.

She asked you to pick the dry cleaning and you forgot. She wanted Tiramisu for dessert and you got her a chocolate ganache. These disproportionate reactions are among the worrying s of a toxic girlfriend because they continue to grow stronger and more frequent if not dealt with at the right time and in the right way.

She makes it a point to remind you of how terrible it made her feel every time you have a fight or disagreement. Strike that. She may have hurt your feelings, overstepped relationship boundaries or made one of those genuine mistakes for which Toxic girlfriend relationship holds you to ransom.

Instead, she will find a way to justify her actions. And then hold her ground, no matter how hard you try to make her see Toxic girlfriend relationship error of her ways. This can truly put you at a loss for an answer to how to deal with a toxic girlfriend.

Your personal space and relationships outside your romantic partnership have taken a massive hit since you got together with her. One of the s your girlfriend is manipulative is that she will use temper tantrums, coaxing, fights and appeasement to stop you from doing what you like.

A night out with your friends? There is a temper tantrum awaiting you. Want to stay home and watch a game? She will sulk endlessly. Planning to spend Thanksgiving with your family? Prepare for some emotional blackmail and lots of tears. This is one of those toxic girlfriend s that can be extremely hard to recognize since it is done in the garb of love and affection.

A toxic girlfriend will slowly but surely take over every aspect of your life. Aron had pulled an all-nighter working at a work presentation and was awfully groggy in the morning. All he wanted was a cup of steaming hot, freshly brewed coffee. His girlfriend begrudgingly agreed, but not before giving him a lecture on the harmful effect of caffeine dependency. Double standards about rules of engagement between a couple simply have no place in a healthy relationship. For instance, she may forbid you from having female friends but her guy friends remain an active part of her life. Or your phone may be subjected to everyday scrutiny but hers is out of bounds.

Among the typical toxic girlfriend s is a tendency to withdraw emotional support when you most need it. You may want to lean on her after a bad day at work or to seek respite from a stressful situation in the family. Just when you most desire her loving presence, she will become emotionally withdrawn and distant. Mutual emotional support is the bedrock of a romantic relationship.

Quite honestly, the best part about having a partner. When that is missing, there is hardly much else left to go on for. Instead of Toxic girlfriend relationship across from you and spelling out how your actions made her feel, she will become cold and withdrawn. But the intimacy, be it the bedroom or outside of it, will instantly vanish.

Replaced with cold vibes. She will continue to withhold intimacy as a way of punishing you until you figure out what it was that you did wrong and apologize for it profusely. Of course, romantic partners are entitled to offer constructive criticism to one another.

After all, no one is perfect. However, there is a difference between constructive criticism and constant, unabated nagging. The latter is purposefully spiteful and deed to put the other person down. What is a toxic girlfriend, you ask? Pay attention to her opinions of the not-so-nice aspects of your personality. Contrary to what romantic fiction and pop culture will have you believe, that is not a good thing. In a wholesome relationship, partners complement and not complete each other. Not two parts of a whole that need to fit in to feel complete. If she has made you the central focus of her life, you can count it as one of the toxic girlfriend s.

Sooner or later, she will start smothering you with love and attention. And of course, expects you to do the same. Falling short on these relationship expectations is nothing less than betrayal in her eyes. Being smothered with love and affection to a point of suffocation is one Toxic girlfriend relationship the s of a toxic person in your life. Well, at least at her end. She feels the need to secretly check your phone, verify your whereabouts from others, questions and cross-question you about who you were with, where and why. This creates a toxic cycle. Getting help from an expert can help.

Jerad and Kylie decided to live together after six months of being in an exclusive relationship. Jared had not seen any s of a toxic girlfriend in Kylie when they were dating but as soon as they started living together, the red flags became too potent to be ignored. Wherever you go, she follows. And vice-versa. You cannot have a conversation with a friend in private. Lock a drawer containing some personal effects. Make a plan even for one evening without involving her. Over time, this can leave you feeling smothered, and a sense of resentment in the relationship begins to seep in.

She plays all sorts of mind games to always get what she wants. Be it something as small as deciding what to get for dinner or life-altering decisions like taking the next step in the relationship, her will always prevails. As a result, you feel unheard and invisible in the relationship. Learning how to deal with a toxic girlfriend becomes all the more difficult with such relationship dynamics because her domineering personality leaves you disarmed.

As her Toxic girlfriend relationship, you may have — or will — learn to spot and deal with these fleeting phases. However, a toxic girlfriend takes mood swings to a whole new level.

Toxic girlfriend relationship

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