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The sun was blinding me through the library windows. We've had rain, rain, and more rain for weeks on end, so the sunshine was a big deal this morning and was more than welcomed. It was worshiped. Not that last part, God. Not destroy. Redeem my enemy and me. Swallow our strife. Open blind eyes. One face smiles broadly while shielding its eyes, looking out from under its leafy mask, no doubt an identity disguise. The wind is roaring outside this morning. I love the drama of March weather--sometimes winter, sometimes spring.

Our "baby" of five kids is just two short weeks away from being It occurs to me that even though he's living with us temporarily and working, while colleges decide whether or not to have live True love blog again, he's for all intents and purposes grown, though maybe not entirely gone. Awake harp and lyre! I was the family gift wrapper, the child asked to wrap even her own Christmas gifts. My mother would give me a taped box with an unseen gift inside. I liked nothing better than a stack of boxes, a bag of bows, and rolls and rolls of patterned paper.

Your words are heardWhile on this earth. A heart is stirred. So begins rebirth. My take away hereIs God for the win, The magic-mirror, And love never ends. I'm never nearerTo him than whenI let go of fearAnd let him in. When love shows the way,I can rest in the search,Hear what you say,Get down off my perch. Guard your turf,Avenger-God,Judge of earth. Pay back the proudfor their loud mouths. How long, O Lord,will the wicked be glad? How long will their wordsboast and brag?

They pummel your people;they crush your. They kill widows and orphansand immigrants. They believe you don't see. Well, listen up, fools! Get a clue! God makes the rules. Give him his due! Ear creator hears. Eye deer sees. I'd love to have you take a look. And I receive his love and forgiveness. And then I head into the after-party. You scooped dirt clods, breathed life into dust. Where do I begin To tell this tale True love blog love? I thought it was about What I was most proud of, How I'd love you best. I thought you were my pursuit.

But the better story is I'm the broken one you choose. Using words, thinking, communicating. It's the last day of June, and I haven't posted anything yet. I was dragging my feet getting ready. For as long as I can remember, we've had an open mike for folks to share their thank-yous the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Only there were other plans in place. He walks to the door, As if he's just going out with friends. The lock clicks, The door opens, He steps through. It's just an ordinary day. A little rain.

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