What a girl wants a guy to do

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Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage. Often love comes with some set of things that you must always do for your partner without fail. These things might include small cute things which make them feel loved and happy. In case of girls, they are not very communicative about things that they want to do or things that they like.

They would expect you to do things for them and when you do, it will matter so much to them. Here are some small things that count a lot for a girl and make her feel like you are taking that extra step towards this relationship.

Make sure to do at least some of these so that she feels a whole lot better especially on a sad unhappy day. Girls love these cute gestures. She might not say it out loud to you but she will love it when you hold her hand and gently squeeze it as a form of reassurance. You can also hug her and that will mean the world to her on days when she is low. Your embrace can turn into something magical for her. She will be on the seventh heaven when you do that.

This shows your commitment and where you want to take this relationship. From her fight with her friend to her complaint about her boss being an ass, just for once sit back and listen to what she feels. She will like the patience that you show and this might also solve a lot of problems for her.

Yes, those romantic movies where she cries when the guy is hit by the goons can irritate the hell out of you but you can respect her choices and watch them with her once in a while, trust me you are going to like it in her company. For some girls, little things matter. You give them a rose or a romantic card and they will feel special. Surprise your girl with something that she always wanted and do it especially when she least expects it from you.

If you ever feel that the spark is gone or that she has forgotten the old days just remind her of the day you guys first met and she will feel better and adore you. By this I don't mean that you should give her false hopes but tell her that she is involved in your plans and she will do anything in her power to make your relationship work. She might not say that she wants importance but she will love it if she will be treated equally.

Her friends and family know a lot about her and they are definitely very close to her. Show your genuine inclination towards them and she will appreciate this little effort. I can put all my bets on it. What a girl wants a guy to do is a turn on for them.

She might worry a lot but share your problems with her because it will make her feel like an equal to you. Men are usually not very upfront about discussing what is bothering them but if you do, she'll feel a lot better. Give up your ego and how you feel about a certain things, sometimes, just for her and she will know that she matters more than anything else to you.

Just small things like hugging her whenever you see her can make feel loved and blessed. She will love it. Long walks where you talk about a lot of things that matter to the two of you; your likes, dislikes and other random things strengthen your bond.

Girls like talking so this is obvious. You need to show that she matters more than anything else in the world. She needs to know that she is that one person your world revolves around. Even when it is not possible for you and she needs you, let her know that you will go out of your way to spend time with her.

Tell her that she is allowed to do all the cute and foolish things because her happiness is above everything else. Long-distance relationships can be boring and straining if after a certain point you don't invest in them. You need to give her little surprises. Visit her without telling her that you are coming.

Photos are more than just flaunting on social media. They show that you are ready to have something that will capture the moment for you. Get stupid, cute and amazing What a girl wants a guy to do with her, she'll love the idea. This is This shows how needy you are and how much you are in love with her. Show some love, show some hotness and kiss her!

Express your love the old school way. Give cute notes to her and tell her how fond you are of the way she smiles. She will love it and she will blush the entire day. Girls love when they're treated like babies sometimes. And if you think you can take her on little piggy rides around your house, do that, she'll love it. There isn't a girl on Earth who doesn't like some beach time. Every once in a while, take her on a beach date, even if it's only going to be a barefoot walk on the sand or running around to the melody of the waves.

Even if you are someone who doesn't know dancing, it doesn't matter to your girl. But if she's played some music and is grooving a little to it, make sure you accompany her once in a while. A relationship always works wonders when you communicate every bit of it. And more so, if you manage to take your girl out on a stroll and make her sit on a random bench just to have a conversation with her, she'll love it and appreciate it just so much. If you have anything to add or suggest write to me at.

Monday, 24 Sep, 9. Know when it is time to hold her hand and when it is time to hold her wrist. Introduce her to the people you know as your other half. Listen to her rants. Watch her favourite movie or show. Surprise her when she least expects it. Constantly remind her of the day you guys met for the first time. Tell her that she is involved in your future plans. Genuinely show interest in meeting her side of friends and family. Give her true compliments. Share your secrets with her.

Sacrifice your manly ego for her. Always hug her and say 'hi' whenever you see her. Hug her from behind around the waist. These things are something that she will never tell you but they matter a lot to her. When you are alone, hold her close and kiss her. She will blush like anything. Take her for long walks at night. Go out of your way to spend time with her. Let her sit on your lap. This is cute and this shows that you are very comfortable in each other's company.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, surprise her. Take photos with her. When she leaves, pull her back. Give cute notes to her. Take her on piggy rides. Spend some time on the beach. Dance with her. Share a conversation on a street bench. That's all, folks.

What a girl wants a guy to do

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