What is your totem spirit animal

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How much do you know about dinosaurs? What is an octane rating?

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Scroll To Start Quiz. Going out for a run with my friends. Working out. Reading a book. Sleeping in. Just a little. No, that would be too hurtful to them. No, that would be weak. No, but I have been cheated on. By working through it. By tackling it head on. By being willing to change my ways to face it. By working around it. I live with roomies. I live alone. I live with my ificant other. I live for free with someone else. No, everyone should share pretty equally.

Yes, the strongest should make more.

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I am not sure. Yes, the smartest should make more.

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Jump in and try to help! Beat the mugger senseless. Cry out for help! Slink away. My internal drive. My courage. My beauty. My mind. No, I hate change. Not really. Kind of. Forgive them. Talk it out with them. Get revenge.

Wait for my friends to come get me. Find a stream to get water and fish. Yell for help! Try and follow my trail back out. Umm, I am okay. I am pretty cute. I am gorgeous! It depends on who you ask. I guess so. I hate them. Not often. All the time. Not at all. Yes, I love those! No, I always have too much to do. Here and there. I love it! I do it whenever I can. Build sand castles. Play in the water. Check people out. I am dependable.

I am protective. I am totally hot! I am fun to hang out with. Very much so. To people that I like. In a cave. In a tree. Under a shed. I was okay. I was pretty good. Yes, but I could have done better. Not very. Extremely fast. Pretty fast. A couple minutes.

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