When i miss my boyfriend

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We tend to alternate who-stays-with-who each week. Sometimes we spend the whole weekend together or sometimes just one day because we have plans with friends, etc.

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About two months ago, I realized I might be in love with my boyfriend. At least, my feelings for him have become way more intense. Sometimes I miss him so much, I start crying and I feel really down for a couple days. He always makes time for us to be together on the weekends, and he makes it clear that spending time together is important to him.

We text each other every evening to talk about our days and say goodnight, and he initiated this at the beginning of our relationship. Rationally, I think taking things When i miss my boyfriend is a good idea, but part of me also really wants to live with him. I also think missing my boyfriend might be connected to other anxieties I have about our relationship. I even had a nightmare once about him breaking up with me. It was not great. Like the most normal shit in the world, I promise. People feel this way when they see their boyfriends 4 nights a week and live close by!!!! Which it most certainly is not!!!

The thing is: your boyfriend is likely on a similar or same. It is not or at least should not come as a surprise to him that his girlfriend of seven MONTHS wants to hang out with him more than one day a week, sometimes two. There is a middle ground between you dominating all of his time and ruining his friendships and you guys seeing each other four times a month. As you might have guessed, your best option is: to talk to him!

You two are unlikely to be able to move in together right away anyway. If you can, then your current arrangement is… confusing. You have to trust that he will and can put up boundaries when he needs to.

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He may be a ding-dong we all are in relationships! What you do have to do is actually communicate because that is what loving someone is. What they mean is that you have to do all these tasks that kind of suck like being vulnerable and baring your soul asking if someone would be down to move in with you and also like mundane shit that makes being in a relationship not as fun but which makes it a relationship like figuring out where the drain fly infestation is coming from, why you have drain flies, how you can kill drain flies, what your When i miss my boyfriend is going to do about drain flies, and how to prevent drain flies from ever coming back.

As a unit. And if you do the former, and you two do move in together, or at least live closer, then you can start to build an actual life together and relish in the mundanity that is being a couple. You just have to suck up the uncomfortableness— and it will feel uncomfortable to admit that you love him or that you want to move in— for a few quick seconds and barrel through and then see what happens next. I virtually guarantee that it will be good news.

You should figure out how to say I love you on your own timeline. People just get hung up on the words. Not forever, of course, but just know they may not be on your exact timeline. I think the moving in is the bigger convo here, honestly, and I would probably although not necessarily do it after the I love you talk.

You have to help him though so he knows what you would actually like for him to do!!!! Reminder that none of these conversations needs to be serious or dour or Very Serious Important Adult Conversations. In fact, they should mostly be lighthearted or at least incredibly loving and caring. There will be a lot more talks coming down the line.

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I also swear that will happen. Buckle up but please remember:. He may not be ready to move in right this minute; he may not be ready to say I love you himself. But a good partner will absolutely be thrilled that you love them and want to move in with them. For now, just start talking!!! You can reach her or yell at her at 1followernodad substack. Contact Dr. Odunga at odungaspelltemple gmail. I got my ex husband back to me and also got fertile and gave birth to twins girls after 12 years of marriage.

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I miss my boyfriend. Sophia Benoit. Create your profile Set photo.

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When i miss my boyfriend

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Here's What Happens In Your Brain When You Miss Your Partner